Mastering the Art of Divinatory Signs to Find Clear Direction for Your Journey

On some level, you have clarity.

You know exactly what to do.

You know exactly how to walk your life path.

But due to fear, lack of confidence, or any other tricky emotion, every once in awhile you might feel disconnected from this deeper knowing.

So how can you find clear direction for your journey when you’re faced with too many choices and you feel clueless about what to do?

Look for a sign from the universe!

Signs act as triggers

Creating Your New Year’s DREAM Resolutions based on Sleeping Dreams from 2014

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It’s that time of year when you might be thinking about making new years resolutions, but what if this year you do something a little differently?

Why not make dream resolutions based on your sleeping dreams?

This is a practice I discovered when dreamer Anne Hill posted her resolutions on Facebook years ago, and I’ve been doing it every since.1

Although the process may seem fun or even silly, the truth is, your sleeping dreams are powerful seeds

5 Ways of Contemplating Snake Dreams and Symbols to Reveal their Hidden Meaning

Many people have dreamed of snakes at one point in their lives.

They may have been scary dreams or simply intriguing.

But what if your snake dreams were also important messages that could help you change your life?

You’d want to know what they mean, right?


Well, here are five possibilities to get your creative juices flowing.
First, though, the Key to Understanding the Complexities of Snake Dreams
Master dreamers know that dreams are linked to ancient archetypes or universal themes

6 Easy Steps to Intuitive Dream Guidance

You don’t have to be a psychic reader or master shaman to access deep wisdom that can guide you through even the most difficult situations.

That’s because every night, intuitive information flows directly to you.

Information that is specifically tailored to your needs.

To access it, all you have to do is sleep.

Fantastic, right?

Dreams are one of the best ways to access your intuition.

After all, dreams flow from the same magic as our other intuitive skills

And what’s great

Ecodreaming and Finding Home: the Case of the Bedrock Mortar

We don’t live our lives in a vacuum, but embedded in the natural world.
Of course it can be hard to get past our cultural and personal blinders, that ever-present cognitive domestication of 21st century life.

Enter ecodreaming.

With attention and patience, we can learn to recognize invitations and warnings from our nightly dreams so we can live more in tune with the natural forces that subtly form the container of our waking lives.

As a result, we are