Are your “shoulds” overshadowing your purpose?


Whenever we want to grow ourselves to the next level, it’s inevitable that we’re going to bump up against beliefs and behaviors that limit our growth.

How we move through those bumps can make all the difference in whether you grow smoothly and easily, or slowly and with frustration.

In this video I share one of the reasons why people feel like it’s taking forever for their purpose to manifest,

The Connection Between Enthusiasm and Purpose


“Living your purpose” has a bit of a heavy vibe, doesn’t it?

The concept is supposed to be inspiring, to lift us up, and be a beacon of light leading us to our best life. But the concept of “purpose” has always felt too serious to me, even though that is exactly what I help people manifest.

Maybe it’s just my double Scorpio nature that tends to approach

Two (kind of dumb) reasons why we deny our inner power


As spiritual leaders, one of the biggest challenges we face is how to embrace our inner power in an authentic way.

When we align with our inner power, we are more effective leaders. We exude confidence and are better able to help others.

Yet despite this, there are two fears that can get in people’s way of standing in their personal power and in this short video I’ll discuss those

To get better New Year’s resolution results, do this …

So many of us create resolutions to lose weight or make more money, but they don’t last. Our momentum begins to wane sometime in February, that is, if we even make it until the end of January.

Why is that?

In this video I talk about why New Year’s resolutions rarely work, despite your sincere effort to change, and what you can do instead to ensure you’re taking healthy steps toward manifesting whatever it is you desire.


Dreaming of My Ancestors & Bella Grace Magazine Giveaway


Every once in awhile I stumble upon something beautiful and inspiring that captures my full attention. Such are the pages of Bella Grace magazine; I fell in love with it the instant I held it in my hands.

Whenever I get a new issue, I brew a cup of tea, wrap myself up in a blanket, and settle into a cozy spot before I even open the cover. Each page is a peek into the private lives