Hiding your spiritual gifts in the closet? Try this instead…


The other day, I was talking with a woman who, despite her career success and happy life, was struggling to trust her spiritual gifts.

As a kid, she had remarkable psychic abilities. With eyes closed and from a distance, she could peer into the lives of others, and later tell them what they were doing and when they were doing it. When her mother found out, she

When things don’t grow as quickly as you’d like …


For those of us who are idea machines, waiting for one idea to grow to fruition can feel like an eternity.

When new ideas come along they feel fresh and exciting, and it’s easy to be tempted to switch gears and ditch the old idea for a new one.

In this video, I talk about Spring as a metaphor for growing your dreams, and how getting stuck in Spring can be detrimental to

When your “safety-self” wants to stop your soul


There are few things more frustrating than knowing what your purpose is, yet not being able to manifest it with the depth and richness you know is there for you.

When the road gets too rocky it can feel like things are falling a part instead of moving forward, but this rockiness is a sign that you’re smack dab in the middle of resistance.

There’s a reason resistance exists,

Are your “shoulds” overshadowing your purpose?


Whenever we want to grow ourselves to the next level, it’s inevitable that we’re going to bump up against beliefs and behaviors that limit our growth.

How we move through those bumps can make all the difference in whether you grow smoothly and easily, or slowly and with frustration.

In this video I share one of the reasons why people feel like it’s taking forever for their purpose to manifest,

The Connection Between Enthusiasm and Purpose


“Living your purpose” has a bit of a heavy vibe, doesn’t it?

The concept is supposed to be inspiring, to lift us up, and be a beacon of light leading us to our best life. But the concept of “purpose” has always felt too serious to me, even though that is exactly what I help people manifest.

Maybe it’s just my double Scorpio nature that tends to approach