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Live with a Clean Heart and Take Imperfect Action

Several months ago I was stuck in major resistance when someone said the most amazing line to me:

A clean heart and imperfect action will help you create the life and business you desire.

Profound words.

So what do they mean?

For me a clean heart means being in integrity.

It means aligning my words and actions.

It means walking my spiritual talk.

But mostly, it means aligning with love, even when my fears would have me do otherwise.

Taking imperfect action, on

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How do you know if you are accidentally shutting doors that are the perfect path to fulfilling your soul’s desires?

I just got off the phone with a client of mine, Leslie, who is great at manifesting. She seems to have an effortless way of aligning with Spirit to help her turn her desires into reality.

But even Leslie, a master manifestor, can catch herself making decisions that make it harder for Spirit to help her.

During our coaching session today, Leslie confided to me, “I realized I was shutting doors (opportunities) that were opened to me,

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Going West: The Art of Letting Go

Over the weekend I decided to create something I’m going to call, Dream Magic™ Monday.
I’ve been teaching Dream Magic™ for nearly a decade. It is a process that involves setting intentions and paying close attention to nature, dreams and intuition to divine life direction.

And it works. Really well.  I’ve used the process to help me heal my body, make money in my business and assist my clients in transforming tricky life situations.

But Dream Magic™ Monday is

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Ancestral Journey Mishaps & the Art of Shifting Perception

The day I left for my ancestral journey to Norway, my right eye started to feel irritated. Later, during the 9-hour flight, my eye started to turn pink.

Uh oh, I thought. Pink Eye? I’ve been waiting for this trip for months, only to get pink eye the day I leave … ?

So I spent my first day in Norway wearing glasses, something I almost never do, and it was a small miracle I even had

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Mastering the Art of Divinatory Signs to Find Clear Direction for Your Journey

On some level, you have clarity.

You know exactly what to do.

You know exactly how to walk your life path.

But due to fear, lack of confidence, or any other tricky emotion, every once in awhile you might feel disconnected from this deeper knowing.

So how can you find clear direction for your journey when you’re faced with too many choices and you feel clueless about what to do?

Look for a sign from the universe!

Signs act as triggers