How Plants Heal Us in Dreams

I am an herbalist and a dreamer. It has been thrilling to discover the ways in which the world of plants and the world of dreams intersect. I have trained myself and my students and clients to pay close attention to a plant that shows up in a dream. Plants that appear in dreams can be prescriptive, instructive or even direct transmitters of healing energy.

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Embracing the Wave: The Big Dream as Spiritual Practice

I was eighteen when I had a series of dreams that all took place in the same ancient and mystical place. In each dream, I was clearly progressing not only through the location itself but evolving by the actions I took in the dream.

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Integrating Dream Medicine

In waking life, I recoil from scorpions. Their shiny, segmented bodies and barbed tails quickly instill fear in me. But this year, I befriended a scorpion, one that came to me in the Dreamtime.