You don’t have to be a psychic reader or master shaman to access deep wisdom that can guide you through even the most difficult situations.

That’s because every night, intuitive information flows directly to you.

Information that is specifically tailored to your needs.

To access it, all you have to do is sleep.

Fantastic, right?

Dreams are one of the best ways to access your intuition.

After all, dreams flow from the same magic as our other intuitive skills

And what’s great about dreaming is that everyone can do it. Dreaming is free, without risk, and innate.

The bottom line is — we all dream, and therefore we all have access to our wise intuitive knowing every single time we wake up.

How Intuitive Dream Guidance Can Help You

Accessing the intuitive messages in your dreams can

  • Ease anxiety and stress
  • Show you things you’re overlooking or ignoring
  • Help you make difficult decisions
  • Allow you to break through creative blocks
  • Guide you through difficult relationships
  • Help you heal your body
  • Help you feel more connected to the Divine

But What If You Don’t Remember Your Dreams?

Now, you might be saying, “What if I don’t remember my dreams? Does that mean I’m not dreaming? And does that mean it’s hopeless for me to access my intuition through dreams?”

My answer is a definitive no. You’re always dreaming, but you may be someone who does not readily remember dreams. That’s easily remedied: read our handy guide to remembering your dreams.

The quickest, easiest way to start remembering your dreams is to set an intention to remember them and then say a mantra before going to bed. You might say, “Tonight I will dream and when I wake up I will remember my dreams.”

Once you start remembering something, (even a word, image, or feeling) you can begin working with the intuitive guidance within your dreams.

Six Easy Steps to Access Intuitive Dream Guidance

1. Think of a question you’d like intuitive guidance on. For instance, you may want to know where you should get your master’s degree, or when to plant the tomatoes in your garden, or if taking a job offer is a good idea. Choose a question that has a relatively definitive answer, like a choice between two things. Don’t ask, “When will the love of my life show up.” That’s too vague.

2. Write down your question, either in your dream journal, or on a piece of paper that you can put under your pillow or next to your bed when you sleep. Writing down your question helps solidify the intention to dream the answer.

3. Before falling asleep, repeat your intention a few times. Say something like, “Tonight I will dream guidance on when to plant the tomatoes and when I wake up I’ll remember my dreams.”

4. When you wake up, whether it’s at 1 a.m. or 9 a.m., if you remember any dreams write them down immediately, or as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more the dream will slip away.

5. Now work the dream(s). The best time to do this is after you’ve written it down, but if you don’t have time in the morning, make it a priority to work with the dream at some point that day. Look for clues that connect to your question.

6. Once you have some idea of what the dream is saying, act on it. Honoring the dream by following its guidance will strengthen your relationship with your dreams and your intuition. Trusting that the information you’re receiving is right is quite powerful and will set you up for even better information in the future.

How I Used Intuitive Dream Guidance to Make a Difficult Decision

While traveling in Europe last year, I was deciding whether to go to exotic places like Thailand and New Zealand, or return home to Colorado to see my family.

In waking life, I wasn’t thrilled about seeing my family because we have a difficult. Going to Thailand seemed like a much more attractive option.

So one evening I asked my dreams to tell me which path to take: keep traveling, or return to the U.S.

That night I dreamed about being in Boulder, CO. In the dream I was so happy to be there. I saw snow falling gently on the Flatirons, the gorgeous foothills West of Boulder, and I said, “God I love this place.”

I woke up and knew I needed to return home. Don’t get me wrong; it was painful and difficult to see my family. But being in Boulder was absolutely the right choice and I’m glad I listened to my intuition’s advice.

Being an Intuitive Dreamer Can Change Your Life

Once you begin to see dreams as messages directly from your intuitive knowing, you’ll see that your dreams guide you in several ways.

They may be telling you to quit your job or ask for a raise. They might be prodding you to take a risk or end a relationship. Often, they show you what fears are blocking you and what aspects of yourself you’re keeping hidden that could actually be your greatest gifts.

Even working with one of these aspects can be life-changing. Perhaps that raise will allow you to get the medical treatment you need or help you to send your child to the college of their dreams.

Your dreams may also begin showing you your greatest gifts. When you act on your dreams’ advice to share your gifts, opportunities may open up in areas you could not have imagined. The possibilities are truly endless.