3 Magical Ways Dreams Help You Live Your Soul Purpose

3 Magical Ways Dreams Help You Live Your Soul Purpose

What is my (soul) purpose?

It’s a question many of us ask often because we want to find meaning, feel connected, experience joy and live on purpose – and we want to know how to do that.

So we mull the question over in our minds, “what is my purpose?”

We contemplate our visions for a brighter future.

Sift through our memories looking for stepping stones that might lead us further along our journeys.

(Occasionally we try to figure out how to make money doing what we love.)

And sometimes we find insight, direction and enough courage to leap.

But other times the question leads to anxiety and frustration as we grapple with finding “the” soul purpose we were destined to fulfill.

Maybe you can relate.

The difficulty is that there isn’t one thing any of us are meant to do, but rather a theme that fits us best. And within that theme we have great freedom to invent, create, and pursue whatever we like.

So how do you know what that theme is?

And how do you know how to navigate that realm?

Use Your Dreams as an Inner Compass

Dreams guide us in mysterious, yet powerful ways. They even give us clues to help us grow more fully aligned with what some might call a soul’s purpose or life calling.

There are three types of dreams that are part of the Inner Compass as it relates to your soul purpose. In truth, it’s a bit of an arbitrary division. These three categories can overlap, but in order to understand their various components, I’ve defined them as three separate types of dreams.

Soul Calling Theme Dreams

Soul calling dreams are relatively unique to the dreamer. They aren’t typical “I’m being chased” or “I can’t find my car” dreams. Sometimes they carry a mythical element with a dash of magic and intrigue.

They also shed light on what we are called to create as well as what will help us feel joy and fulfillment.

To give you an example from my own life, I often dream about drumming. Here are some of the drum themes I’ve dreamed about:

  • leading shamanic drum circles
  • teaching shamanic drumming
  • being a shamanic drumming student
  • participating or witnessing ceremonies that entail drumming
  • discussing the role of drums in various ancient indigenous traditions, including Nordic and Japanese

Do you have dreams about drums? Probably not, unless you’re a drummer like I am. Not only is drumming it in my bones, but when I drum I feel most connected to the Source of who I am.

But here’s the thing: I had these dreams before I started taking my role as drummer seriously.

In fact, I’ve often dismissed this “calling” because it resembles American Indian spirituality and I’m not a big fan of spiritual and cultural appropriation.

Fortunately, my dreams and research have shown me that drumming is in my ancestry and as much a part of my indigenous past as it is of others.

Question: What dream themes do you have that might be life calling dreams?

Soul Calling Direction Dreams

Direction dreams help us navigate our unique terrain. They use symbols and mythic creatures that resonate with us on a personal level. They may include your ancestors, your spirit guides, or animals that are sacred to you. The following example was a dream I had years ago. It helped me quit my job and generate $40,000 in a matter of months!

I’m a bookkeeper, but instead of tending people’s finances, I tend their gardens.

One day, a loving male presence (I saw him as God) and I review the books. I discover that simply by helping people I’ve earned $1,000,000. I double check to make sure I’m correct, but not only have I earned a fortune myself, I’ve helped all of my clients earn $1,000,000. I can’t believe how easy it is to be both spiritually and financially wealthy!

This dream was a major turning point for me. At the time I was employed, but in a job that was completely dissatisfying. I used this dream as inspiration to create Grow Your Lifework. A year later I quit my job.  My first 12-month program sold out in a couple days.

I could give you countless examples of how Soul Calling Theme and Direction dreams can help us grow soul work we love. But instead I’d like to know what YOU dream about.

Question: How have your dreams guided you in making choices, especially regarding your work? Share below.

Common Themes in Dreams

Most people have these dreams. They aren’t unique.  They involve scenarios like “I can’t find my car” and “I have to pee but can’t find a place to go.”

Despite their ubiquity, it doesn’t mean they can’t help you grow your soul work. For instance, another common theme has to do with trains. These dreams can help you discover if you’re “on-track”, “off-track” or need more “training.”

Common themes are useful because they can help us align with our truer self, but they are not usually clues about the flavor of our soul theme.

Instead, they can tell us when we are running away from something related to our calling. Or when we may need to shift how we navigate our soul’s wishes.

Question: What common themes do you dream about?

How might they be messages about how you are growing your work?

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It may not be for everyone, but for the right person it will be fun, challenging and invigorating! And, it will help you get fully aligned with your soul work.

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About the Author:

Founder DreamTribe. I help women listen to the wishes of their soul and create successful self-employment so they can make meaningful money and a bigger difference.


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  2. Abigail October 21, 2011 at 11:35 am - Reply

    Interesting article! And congratulations on your brave step into entrepreneurship and financial rewards! In your opinion, how could you tell when a dream is pointing towards a life work theme, versus when it is being purely symbolic? Is it the emotional intensity? The vividness? How far it deviates from a common dream theme? Mythical qualities? For example, I have had a few dreams in the past about dancing on a stage, and feeling very liberated, extremely happy, fully alive. However, I know next to nothing about dance in waking life, and a career in dance doesn’t interest me. (Though it might be fun to learn ballroom dancing as a hobby, maybe someday). I’ve always assumed those dreams were just symbolic. That’s just one example…

  3. Amy E. Brucker October 21, 2011 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    Hey Abigail – great questions!

    Dreams are rarely only symbolic. There is a literal element too, although I use the term “literal” loosely. Like in my garden dream, I don’t actually water people’s literal gardens … I help them tend their lifework. It’s a metaphor for whatever they grow. Some people see that as symbolic. Others as literal. (I share this because I was a pro-dreamer for years before I realized dreams can be literal!)

    So, after working with my lifework direction clients for awhile I get to know them and their recurring dream themes. I get a sense for what aspects need to be investigated symbolically, and which ones are guiding my clients toward deeper lifework. There isn’t one way I do this. It’s intuitive and unique for each individual.

    For example, if we were working together I’d encourage you to take dance classes or dance in your home and see what transpires. Even if the dream’s intention was to deliver symbolic information, acting out the dream could lead to greater insight.

    However, if a dream doesn’t resonate with the dreamer as a lifework dream it probably isn’t about a call toward that theme (dance in your case), but rather an invitation to move more freely and of course, that advice can still be lifework guidance as in “How can I move more freely when I am speaking in public or sharing in public about my lifework?”

    Another thing to consider is that there are many ways to integrate something, dance for instance, into lifework, not just as a pro dancer, but as someone who uses dance to help people express something.

    Thanks for asking!

  4. Abigail October 23, 2011 at 1:28 pm - Reply

    Cool. Well, one major dance dream I had (just recalling the most recent, and off the top of my head) was shortly after I decided to leave my then-husband, who was controlling and emotionally abusive. I wasn’t feeling good about my decision, cognitively, but the dream showed me that deep down I knew I was doing something to help me be free. So your interpretation of “moving freely” as you mentioned, struck a chord.
    However, I’m fascinated now to explore the idea of literally dancing (just on my own!) as a way to express my intention of moving freely in life and feeling joy flow through my body. I think I’ll try doing that every morning as I make my coffee and see what happens. :)

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