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  • mugwort

Mugwort Helps with Remembering Dreams

Mugwort has been known for ages as a reliable dream enhancing plant. I have also had good results with this mild herb that is a

  • lavender

Make a Dream Medicine Pillow to Activate Healing Dreams

As we have learned from the posts here at the DreamTribe, there are many dimensions of dream medicine.

One aspect entails dreams that bring us healing.


  • silene

Plants as Dream Messengers

On April 4th, we end the most recent Mercury Retrograde cycle.  It is time for the planet Mercury, the cosmic messenger, to resume a direct

  • chamomile

How do Herbs Influence Sleep and Dreams?

Many dreamers are affected by the energy in and around their bedroom. In fact, just the other night, while sleeping over at a friend’s house, I

  • mugwort2

7 Ways to Dream with Plants

Here are some suggestions on how to dream with the plants: