About Linda Mastrangelo

Linda believes dreams can transform individuals & bring communities together. Her research, art & therapeutic work run the gamut from spiritual alchemy to ancestral knowledge to altered states of consciousness. SF Dream Research Examiner SF Examiner and Empact Institute
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How to connect with the deceased through dreams

When I was a hospice grief counselor, I often met clients who dreamed of their deceased loved ones.

For most of them, the experience had a

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Of tattoos and tribes: Dreaming of Snake

The lore of the snake. What is it about this creature that’s both attractive and yet so terrifying? And, even more importantly, why do we

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Out of Exile: A Dream Traveler Finds Her Way Home

For many years, I have felt like Richard Dreyfuss’ character in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind when he sees Devil‘s Tower on television

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Die and Become! Death in Dreams

Die and Become! Till Thou Hast learned this, Thou are but a dull guest on this dark planet. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There was an

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Hermes: Harbinger of Spring and Dream Prophecies

O Beloved Hermes! This behelmeted and foot-winged God is the totem of many a trickster and traveler. He is also the savior of shepherds, the