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Ryan's recent dream research focuses on lucid dreaming, sacred sites, the anthropology of dreaming, and sleep paralysis. DreamStudies.org
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The Ancestor Effect: Thinking about our roots boosts intellect and confidence

We all know that giving thanks is something we “should” be doing. But recently a clinical study reported that thinking positively about our family roots

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Lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice

Lucid dreaming is the art of becoming more self-aware in our dreams.  Often when we realize we’re dreaming, the dream becomes clearer, and colors more

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Urine Dreams and the Creative Flow

Ever had a dream about going to the bathroom somewhere strange and wonder what it meant?

Dreams about our most primal daily functions—such as urination and defecation—are fairly common but seldom talked about. Are these dreams just a cue to wake up and take care of business? Doubtfully. Dreams, like all thoughts and acts of imagination, have multiple layers of significance beyond the obvious, and this includes dreams of finding relief.
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Turtle Power: honoring a dream with action

Over the holidays, I read an introductory book on dreams by Bobbie Ann Pimm, titled Notes from a dreamer on dreaming. Pimm’s book

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Archaeodreaming: Myths, Dreams and Sense of Place

Many of us struggle to deepen our relationship to where we live and where we travel. This has become increasingly difficult as commercial monopolies have