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Ryan's recent dream research focuses on lucid dreaming, sacred sites, the anthropology of dreaming, and sleep paralysis. DreamStudies.org
  • freud

Contemporary Dream Theories Starting with Freud

Unfortunately, in our Western culture, where dreaming has long been considered insignificant, advances have been slow due to a lack of funded research. No one has yet offered a holistic theory of dreaming that accounts for how dreams form in the brain, what they mean, and why human cultures around the world draw significance from them. Instead, we have many competing theories, all of which look at different aspects of the dreaming world.
  • wolf-dreams

The Wolves and the Gift

For years, I was tormented by dreams of being chased by wolves and packs of angry dogs. Usually I would wake up from fright, but sometimes not before one of them sunk their teeth into me or scratched at my hands and face.
  • dream-reentry-healing

Managing Cancer Pain with Healing Dreams

Often the claim is made that dreams are healing. Usually, dream workers are talking about psychological healing, or the knack for dreams to highlight the areas in our lives that need attention, courage and renewal.
  • mugwort

Mugwort Helps with Remembering Dreams

Mugwort has been known for ages as a reliable dream enhancing plant. I have also had good results with this mild herb that is a

  • eco-dreaming

EcoDreaming: How Nature Speaks in our Dreams

When dreamwork is usually discussed, the assumption is that the dream reflects back my issues, my concerns, and my life. After all, it is my dream! But of course dreams reflect so much more. Not only do they reveal our family dynamics, but they also expose socio-economic class, regional affiliations, and the frameworks of our culture-at-large.