About Amy E. Brucker

Amy Brucker helps people heal their ancestral wounds so they can free their purpose, passion, and inner power. She offers a one-on-one, private healing/mentoring program Healing the Ancestral Wound. See link "Work with Me" on main menu for details.
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Symbols of Rebirth & Resurrection in Myths and Dreams

In northern California, spring has arrived. My yard is filled with flowers: purple geraniums, white azaleas, fuchsia rhododendrons, and a plethora of weeds.

It is a

  • Mercury Evelyn de Morgan

Going Retrograde with Mercury, the Messenger God

As the solar system enters 4 weeks of Mercury in retrograde, we thought it would be fun to talk about how Mercury might appear in

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Dreaming of Dragons

If you’ve ever dreamed of a dragon, you may have woken up surprised. Afterall, dragons aren’t creatures you see every day.

But dragons are ancient creatures found in nearly every culture

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How to Create Dream Inspired Artifacts for Ritual Use

Indigenous cultures worldwide use ceremony and ritual to mark rites of passage, celebrate the changing of seasons and fill life with meaning.

The rituals are challenging,

  • Frank Padelford, my great, great grandfather

Dream Genealogy: A way to remember your ancestors’ traditions

My ancestors have lived on American soil for nearly 400 years.  They arrived in the 1600s, a group of Pilgrims and travelers in search of