About Amy E. Brucker

Amy Brucker helps people heal their ancestral wounds so they can free their purpose, passion, and inner power. She offers a one-on-one, private healing/mentoring program Healing the Ancestral Wound. See link "Work with Me" on main menu for details.
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Being the Whale’s Voice: Virtual Group Dream Incubation

image by NickFitz: Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

In honor of solstice, either the first day of summer or the first day of

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Co-creating a Whale Dream Cyber Altar

After reading the inspiring whale dreams people posted last week it occurred to me that we could co-create a cyber altar to invoke a

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Creating an altar for your dream circle

When I was studying to become an interfaith minister, I experienced firsthand the beautiful and many ways people create sacred space. I was fortunate enough

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Dreaming with Whales

Every week the Dream Team meets to discuss how we can share dream wisdom with the greater community. Two weeks ago we had a

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Dear dreamer, Who are you?

Instead of writing a long post about dreams, I invite you to introduce yourself. To do so, leave a comment below.