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Dreams of Impending Illness

Dreams often provide useful health information. Learning how to distinguish health warnings in dreams may help you find a path for healing or help you prevent illness altogether.

Fighting Cancer Using Your Dreams – Wanda Burch

"Wanda Burch dreamt that she would die at a certain age; her dreams foretold her diagnosis of cancer, and then guided her toward treatment and wellness. She took advantage of all the usual medical resources available to her, but believes she is alive because of her intimate engagement with the dreamworld. She Who Dreams takes the reader into that healing dreamworld, opening a path to self-diagnosis and physical and psychic health. Through powerful prose and practical exercises, this book describes in compelling detail a life lived and deepened, and a death postponed. In the process it shows that wisdom lives within everyone, and that anyone can tap into that wisdom through dreamwork." Amazon.com

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Dream Journaling: Mind Map, Margin Notes, Details

When it comes to keeping a dream journal there are [...]

Why it’s Helpful to Explore Dreams with Other People

Many people can easily understand one or two layers of their own dreams. That’s because dreams usually reflect parts of your life you’re already conscious or semi-conscious about. In other words, dreams can remind you of things you already know.