About Atava Garcia Swiecicki

Inspired and guided by her ancestors, Atava has been studying and practicing healing arts for over 20 years. Atava teaches across the country and sees clients in her healing practice Ancestral Apothecary in Oakland, CA. She also has a unique line of herbal products infused with prayer and magic. Her website is www.ancestralapothecary.com
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How Plants Heal Us in Dreams

I am an herbalist and a dreamer. It has been thrilling to discover the ways in which the world of plants and the world of dreams intersect. I have trained myself and my students and clients to pay close attention to a plant that shows up in a dream. Plants that appear in dreams can be prescriptive, instructive or even direct transmitters of healing energy.
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7 Ways to Dream with Plants

Here are some suggestions on how to dream with the plants:
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Lucid Dreaming: How Visiting Hogwarts Can Help You Heal

I have been listening to my dreams my entire life.  In fact, one of my earliest childhood memories is of a scary dream of a