About Katrina Martin

Katrina's work involves illuminating the soul and reconnecting with nature through her artistry with a camera, talent with words, expertise in dreamwork, compassionate teaching style, and ability as a clairvoyant. Visit her here: KatrinaDreamer.com
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Finding and Working with Your Dream Messengers

Dreams are full of messengers and although it’s pretty likely you have dream messengers sending you signals, these messengers can show up in any form.

Determining your

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Childhood Dragon Dreams

The only dream I remember from childhood featured a dragon.

I am standing down the street from my grandmother’s house. It is nighttime. I

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Dream telepathy with photographs

Last year, within a few months of each other, two different friends wrote to me to tell me that a photograph I’d taken was of

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A dream inspired journey to ancestral lands

“Although surrendering to our sacred longings can sometimes be quite a painful soul-stretching and soul-tempting process…our longing, with its unique quality and energy, is also

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Initiation Dreams: Ancestral Communication

Right now, I’m a traveler.

I’ve been on the road for three months visiting Scotland, England, Norway, and Switzerland. Back home, I don’t have a job