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9 Ways to Work with Waking Dreams as Intuitive Dream Medicine

Waking dreams are just as important as sleeping dreams when creating a dream practice.

Looking for synchronicities, dreamlike circumstances, and other signs while awake adds another

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Activate Your Dreams to Connect More Deeply with Spirit Guidance

Many years ago, I was hanging out with active dreamer Robert Moss at Esalen when I noticed that his sleeping dreams, shamanic journeys, and waking

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Lucid dreamwork: Healing the Snake Axis

This is the last article in a series about snake dreams. By now, the DreamTribe has explored the meaning of snake dreams from many

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Flower Essences to Activate Our Dream & Snake Powers

Snakes have big medicine.

Like creativity, intuition and spirituality.

So when snake visits your dreams, what can you do in waking life to support the development of your

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Of tattoos and tribes: Dreaming of Snake

The lore of the snake. What is it about this creature that’s both attractive and yet so terrifying? And, even more importantly, why do we