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Are Snake Dreams Messages From Gaia?

When you dream of snakes, you may be receiving an unusual message you can use to help heal the planet.

I realized this when Dream Triber

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When are snake dreams actually dream medicine?

There are dreams with snakes in them …

… and then there are Snake Dreams.

These dreams can signal a major life shift.

They can help you transform

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Discovering Your Dream Medicine

“It’s time to live your dream.”  Hawaiian elder and kahuna, Mr. Hale Makua

I consider myself an ordinary dreamer.  By now you’ve heard the extraordinary

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My Training as a Dream Warrior

A few years ago I realized I’d been unconsciously living out my life according to the plot of A Nightmare on Elm Street III: Dream

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Out of Exile: A Dream Traveler Finds Her Way Home

For many years, I have felt like Richard Dreyfuss’ character in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind when he sees Devil‘s Tower on television