• katrina

When Dreams Become Your Mentor

My interactions with the dream world started as psychic experiences.

  • amy

Answering the Call to be a Big Dreamer

When you realize you’re an intuitive, Big (Shamanic) Dreamer, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit alone in the world.

That’s because Western culture is not

  • sleep

What’s your dream story? Share it below.

Over the next five weeks, starting next week, we — Amy, Atava, Katrina, Linda and Ryan — are going to be sharing our dream stories

  • burdock

Spring Cleansing with Dream Plants

After the recent rains my garden is bursting with color.   I am delighted to see some of the plants I started from seed reaching maturity.

  • tunnel

Waiting In The Lucid Void

Since I was a child, I have had conscious dream experiences that take place in immense, spacious realms. Sometimes these spaces are truly voids and