5 Ways of Contemplating Snake Dreams and Symbols to Reveal their Hidden Meaning

Many people have dreamed of snakes at one point in their lives.

They may have been scary dreams or simply intriguing.

However, many people don’t realize that their snake dreams can also be important messages about the health of your mind, body, and soul.

So in this article I’m going to share with you the many messages of snake dreams, and then if you still need more help finding the meaning of your particular dream, I’ll show you where you can get more help.

The Key to Understanding the Complexities of Snake Dreams

Master dreamers know that dreams are linked to ancient archetypes or universal themes that predate modern man by thousands of years. As a result, the imagery in your dreams may parallel ancient dramas you are not consciously aware of.

Yet snake dreams are also personal. Any attempt to explore their meaning must take into consideration the dreamer’s personal relationship with snakes.

If you love snakes, the meaning of your dream may be entirely different than the snake dreams of someone who is afraid of snakes.

Of course, all dreams have multiple layers of meaning, and the most obvious reaction, like fear or curiosity, is only a clue about what your snake dreams might mean.

Therefore, when you look beyond the obvious meaning and explore the mythic quality of your dream images, you connect with the unseen, deeper implications of your dreams. You can more easily access the many layers, plumbing the depths beyond the obvious layer or two you immediately grasp upon waking.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

The Healing Snake

Snakes appear throughout recorded history as a symbol of healing.

You are likely familiar with the caduceus, the medical symbol with two snakes wound around a staff.

Perhaps you also know of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing who was often depicted holding a rod with a snake wound around it. Healing temples erected in honor of Asclepius, called Asclepions, had floors covered in non-venomous snakes. These sacred centers drew crowds of people who sought to incubate dreams in order to heal.

Maybe you are even familiar with Nehushtan, the bronze snake staff Moses carried to heal Israelites of snake bites.

But did you know that the image of a snake wound around a rod first appeared circa 4000-3000 bc on a Sumerian vase dedicated to Ningishzida, the Lord of the Good Tree? Not only was Ningishzida the son of Ninazu, the Lord of Healing, Ningishzida was also depicted as a snake with a human head. He was one of two gatekeepers who protected Anu, God of Heaven, as well as a traveler through the netherworld (underworld.)1

How the healing snake relates to you

On some level, you know that snakes are related to healing. Whether you are the direct descendent of Ascelepius himself or have simply seen the modern emblem of medicine, your subconscious is aware that snakes and healing go hand-in-hand.

Considering this, ask yourself how your dream snake may be trying to help you heal.

Whether it bites you, swallows you, antagonizes you or hugs you, this snake is one part healer and it wants to help you find your way toward wholeness.

Life Calling and Initiation Dreams 

Dreams of being bitten and swallowed may have the added layer of being initiation dreams. In some indigenous cultures, surviving a waking-life rattlesnake bite, for instance, is evidence that the person is called the path of healer. Similarly, dismemberment is often viewed as an initiatory aspect of becoming a shaman. Being swallowed by a snake in a dream is a form of dismemberment.

The Fertile Snake

Snakes were worshipped in every corner of the ancient world as creatures who symbolized fertility, birth, death and resurrection.

One common image is of a snake wrapped around the earth. From the Nordic Jörmungandr to the Hindu Ananta, this image portrays the snake as responsible for holding the world together.

Similarly, The Cosmic Serpent winds itself around an egg, clearly a symbol of fertility and rebirth, as well as creation of the universe.

The Snake Goddess sculpture from Knossos, the famous gowned female figure holding two snakes, may be representative of the Mother Goddess.

Of course, we must include in this section the Freudian view that snakes are sexual, phallic objects.

How the fertile snake relates to you

When you dream of snake(s), reflect on how it may be a divine messenger coming to tell you about fertile possibilities. Where might you have unrecognized potential? What creation is waiting to be born?

The other side of creation, though, is destruction. In this regard, how might your dream snake be a premonition about the need to shed an outmoded way of being or an outgrown relationship or object?

The Psychic and Spiritual Snake

19th Century Kundalini Illustration

19th Century Kundalini Illustration

One bite from a venomous snake, one entanglement with a boa constrictor, and most people die. Perhaps this is why snake is also viewed as evil in many parts of the world.

Medusa, for instance, was a Greek Gorgon, part snake, part women, whose gaze turned people to stone.2

Nidhogg, a Nordic snake, was an evil creature whose body wrapped around Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, and tried to destroy it.3

How the destroyer snake relates to you 

Death in dreams is always a sign of transformation. If you feel your dream snake is attempting to destroy you, either by biting, constricting or swallowing you or any other means, consider how it might be an invitation to let go of a cherished aspect of life (e.g. belief, relationship, object) that is preventing you from living a healthier life. In other words, your dream snake may want you to relinquish something so you can receive something better.

Snakes can also foreshadow illness. If your dream snake is injured or looks unusual, it may be a sign that something is not working for you. Similarly, if the snake tries to bite you, it may be sending you a message of possible illness.

Note: only you will know what your snake dreams mean. Exploring these possible layers may reveal important information, or nothing at all. Not all dreams of being bitten foreshadow illness.

The Elemental Aspect of Snakes

The Rainbow Snake


The Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent lives in a waterhold and is related to fertility and life-giving powers.4


The Snake Goddess is an earth goddess associated with earthly, household goods.5


Quetzalcoatl is a Mesoamerican deity whose name means “feathered serpent.” This deity may represent fertility since wind or air was associated with fertility in this culture.6


Xiuhcoatl was a serpent associated with the Aztec fire deity, Xiuhtecuhtli.7

How the elemental snake relates to you 

There are aspects of each element that are experienced universally (although some cultures experience the elements differently – trust your intuition to lead you toward a meaning that fits you).

Water, for instance, is fluid therefore often equated with emotion and intuition. Earth is solid and grows our food so it is equated with nourishment and with being grounded and present. Air is associated with the breath or “pneuma” which links it to Spirit or Soul because we cannot live without air. Fire consumes nearly everything it touches and is therefore a destroying element as well as a creative element, encapsulating passion as well as destruction.

Notice the environment of your dream snake. How might the elements surrounding it be a reference to one of these universal or archetypal themes?

Share Your Snake Dreams Below

In order to create a community inspired resource for  dreams and symbols, we’d love it if you’d use the comments section below to share a brief description of your snake dreams and the meaning you’ve gleaned from the imagery.

Include any waking life life connections, like illness, recovery, initiation, transformation, anything you feel relates to your dream.


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Amy Brucker helps people heal their ancestral wounds so they can free their purpose, passion, and inner power. She offers a one-on-one, private healing/mentoring program Healing the Ancestral Wound. See link "Work with Me" on main menu for details.

Are Snake Dreams Messages From Gaia?

When you dream of snakes, you may be receiving an unusual message you can use to help heal the planet.

I realized this when Dream Triber Amy Brucker recently wrote two posts about snake dreams:

Snake Dreams and Initiation and

5 Ways of Contemplating Snake Dreams

and then invited you to share your snake dreams with us.

While reading through the comments I came across Mike Austin’s beautiful perspective. He said “snakes … provide a deep but fluid connection with Earth, with Gaia. … They remind me that consciousness never stops at the boundaries of my skin. I am because we are.”

Right then it hit me: it’s pretty likely that snake dreams are often Earth dreams that show us our profound connection with everything around us.

After all, one of the most ancient symbols out there is the spiral, a symbol connected with the shape of our galaxy, the curve of our DNA, and the ancient mystery that animates our world. Snakes are often drawn or seen in this shape, curled up next to a rock in the sun or side-winding through sand.

So my mind naturally put all this together and I had an a-ha moment: snakes in dreams are one way that Gaia speaks to us.

She may be speaking of healing, death, rebirth, or an awakening, all of which is happening on our planet right now. Could snake dreams, if viewed through this lens, give us clues for how to navigate this time of accelerating energy and rapid destruction of our environment?

Then I remembered a dream I had recently.

I’m hiking along a ridge in the Bay Area. I notice the thick smog as I look out over the Bay and it depresses me.

Next I see a strip mining operation: men are tearing down the rock into hoodoos. I think the shapes are beautiful, but the cost is too high.

After seeing the hoodoos, I look down and see a skin a snake had shed. Next to it is a red and orange snake in the process of shedding its skin.

The snake is calm, but I am afraid. I also note how vulnerable it seems.

Here is an example of Gaia speaking through snake. I see the erosion of the Bay Area environment, both as the smog clogging the air, and the hoodoos, which are normally formed through natural erosion, but here are being created by men and industry.

Contrasted with this is the image of the snake. One has already shed its skin and another is in the process of shedding. Releasing old ways, old skins, can be scary … my emotions in the dream reflect this. And it is also a vulnerable state, another emotion from the dream.

If I were to guess what Gaia is communicating to us through this dream, I’d say she’s shedding light (pun intended) on the current state of the planet while also showing us that there is another way. We can get rid of our old ways to create something new and beautiful.

I was struck by the colors of the snake as well: red and orange. Red for our root issues, our connections with money, the physical world, ancestry, and survival. Kundalini energy rises from the root chakra; it is said the snake that represents Kundalini energy is coiled here until it awakens.

Orange connects with the second chakra, the seat of our creativity, sexuality, and emotions.

With a blend of these two energies, the snake in this dream shows us how we can move through our current money- and survival-based society into one that is more creative and fluid, one more in balance with the natural world.

In this one dream, Gaia brings a message of healing and transformation. A simple, elegant message communicated through one of her most earthy and sacred animals.

So what about you?

Do you think snake dreams have a connection with the psyche and essence of the planet?

What snake dreams have you had that might be a message from Gaia?


About the Author:

Katrina's work involves illuminating the soul and reconnecting with nature through her artistry with a camera, talent with words, expertise in dreamwork, compassionate teaching style, and ability as a clairvoyant. Visit her here: KatrinaDreamer.com

Die and Become! Death in Dreams

Die and Become! Till Thou Hast learned this, Thou are but a dull guest on this dark planet. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There was an antiquated belief that if you dreamed you died in your sleep then you would actually die in waking life.

Of course, this is an old wives’ tale but there is something unsettling about witnessing death in a dream.

And something wise.

Let’s face it, death is a taboo subject in our culture. And many of us are ill-prepared for that final journey into the unknown.

But engaging with the ‘symbolic deaths’ like our shadow or darker parts of ourselves that need to go can be a powerful experience.

When we face death in this way, a new part of us can be reborn.

Alchemy: Death symbols as shadow stuff

The Alchemists actually rejoiced when death showed up in dreams. The more repugnant the better. The Alchemists actually rejoiced when death showed up in dreams. The more repugnant the better. For them it was the prima materia or ‘first material’ before being separated into the four elements: earth, fire, air and water. Death is one of the most powerful tools for personal empowerment, transformation and healing. It was where the “gold” was located.

Dr. Carl Gustav Jung rediscovered that bridge between alchemy and psychology and thus voraciously collected alchemical works of antiquity, uncovering the treasures or “gold” buried underneath the complex symbolism.

Jung discovered the alchemical processes like mortifactio or putrifactio (death and decomposition) were prevalent in working with prima materia or shadow stuff. Dreaming of rotting corpses, decomposed material, worms, swamps (even decapitated heads!) were seen an indication that you were ready to work on part of the self that were rigid and needed transforming.

This symbology also included the dreaming of fecal matter.

Poop dreams

What could be more poetic than a poop dream? That icky act we would rather not speak about was actually celebrated by the Alchemists. It represents what we need to let go of–what is repulsive and shameful— unconscious material that needs to be looked at and transformed. (see also Ryan’s article on urine dreams).

Excrement is fertilizer after all and what is more potent for growth than that!

Sometimes animals were the prima materia in dreams like the (gold!) dung beetle who feeds partly or exclusively on feces. As the holy scarab in Egyptian mythology of death and rebirth  who is tied to Khepri (“he who has come into being”), the god of the rising sun, this is a poweful energy of transformation.

An example of a poop dream I received recently:

I am with two young girls and we are entering a building that is made for healing. We try to find a bathroom but it is not private. There are people here and the stalls have no doors or privacy. Then I find that the door to the bathroom leads to another door that is more private bathroom.

We can all go in together. The toilet is almost three feet above the ground and I climb on top and to my shame fill up the bowl with poop! What’s even more mortifying (Alchemy!) is that I cannot flush it down. The girls come over to investigate which makes me uncomfortable though they are not. They want to help.

I realize that I pushed the half flush button (which is black) like you find in Europe and I needed to push the full flush, white button. I push it and it works! The girls are happy and I am relieved…

Looking at this dream, I realize that an uncomfortable area in my life is asking for help or assistance. I often feel vulnerable and overly concerned for the other which often results in me not fully communicating my needs (half flush) and the need to fully commit and speak my truth (full flush). The young girls feel like the budding parts of myself (prima materia also includes dreams of children) that are becoming conscious of this material and are supporting me. In alchemy the black and white usually indicate an integration is taking place.

Kill or be killed

Sometimes it is too difficult to “own” our shadow stuff –both the flaws and the gold which might not necessarily be mutually exclusive. And that part needs to be “killed off.”

Robert L. Johnson writes so eloquently of this in his book Owning Your Own Shadow: “Curiously, people resist the noble aspects of their shadow more strenuously than they hide the dark sides. To draw the skeletons out of the closet is relatively easy, but to own the gold in the shadow is terrifying. It is more disrupting to find that you have a profound nobility of character than to find out you are a bum. Of course you are both; but one does not discover these two elements at the same time.”

This projection of shadow stuff is powerfully illustrated in our dreams when we decide to commit, witness a murder or become the murder victim ourselves.

It is important to note who or what is doing the killing, paying close attention to characteristics. If it is a vampire, are you dealing with lifeless, bloodsucking energy in your life?

How about a family member or a childhood friend? Perhaps there are parts of life or patterns that need “killing off” in terms of character traits/people/situations/habits that no longer serve.

Once we face our fears and become conscious, we can “transform the energy.”

Initiation Dreams

Perhaps the dream is something bigger than you: A spiritual calling into the larger Mysteries that may require a sacrifice.

Such “Big Dreams” include death and rebirth themes or visions like being swallowed by a sea monster,  dismembered and put together again or struck by lightning, drowned or burned alive!

And still others, their rite of passage may have been an illness, accident or near death experience that evoked strange dreams, prophetic visions and spontaneous healing abilities.

Overall, initiation dreams can be scary for most people who fear making dramatic life changes that often may call for a sacrifice in the form of jobs, loved ones and belief systems or a complete change in way of life.

Preparing for Death

The most profound reason we might dream of death is to prepare for our own.

Tibetan Buddhists view death as a natural state and envision the afterlife just like a dream. This is clearly illustrated in the most famous text of Padma Sambhava in the 8th century A.D. The Tibetan Book of the Dead  or the Bardo Thodol is an actual guide book to prepare the dying for the afterlife.

The Bardo Thodol teaches that once awareness is freed from the body, it creates its own reality as one would experience in a dream. This dream occurs in various phases (bardos) in ways both wonderful and terrifying.

So whether we like it or not, death is all around us and a fact of life. But hopefully when Death comes knocking in your dreams, perhaps you will be ready to answer the door and welcome her with open arms and a change of heart.

Remember our dreams will always guide us towards our fears so we may face them and grow from it.

Have you witnessed death in a dream?

In what form?

How did it affect your life?

Please share your experinces and thoughts with comments.

About the Author:

Linda believes dreams can transform individuals & bring communities together. Her research, art & therapeutic work run the gamut from spiritual alchemy to ancestral knowledge to altered states of consciousness. SF Dream Research Examiner SF Examiner and Empact Institute

Symbols of Rebirth & Resurrection in Myths and Dreams

In northern California, spring has arrived. My yard is filled with flowers: purple geraniums, white azaleas, fuchsia rhododendrons, and a plethora of weeds.

It is a time of rebirth and resurrection; a theme common to dreams, especially for people in the midst of a life transformation.

But how do you know if you’re dreaming of rebirth?

And how do you know if you’re headed for a period of resurrection in which you prepare to birth a healthier you?

One way is to reflect on the following dream images. They’re archetypes, which means they’re common cross-culturally, and they appear in dreams that on some level speak to our transformational process, specifically how we are engaging our transition.

Additionally, the images are clues that can help you understand how well you are progressing on your path. They can illuminate potential life direction, or assist in accessing information you would not have otherwise.

Egg Imagery in Dreams

Perhaps the most obvious image is an egg. What other symbol captures the essence of new life so simply?

But did you know that “in many myths, ranging from Egypt and India to the Far East and Oceania, the initial process of creation and birth begins when a cosmic egg (sometimes fertilized by a serpent but more often laid in the primeval sea by a giant bird) gives form to chaos, and from it hatches the sun (the golden yolk), leading to the division of earth and sky, and the multiplicity of life, natural and supernatural? Symbols and Their Meaning by Jack Tresidder

Indeed, if you dream of an egg you may be revisiting the origins of the cosmos, be in the midst of some form of rebirth … or you might be receiving an invitation to eat eggs. Knowing how dreams work, it’s a good idea to consider all possibilities.

Baby Dreams

Baby dreams are another common dream theme. Specifically:

I forgot to feed the baby.

I forgot I have a baby.

I suddenly have to care for someone else’s baby.

Although each dream meaning is on some level unique to the dreamer, baby dreams are often about the resurrection of an idea that was once forgotten.

For example, this dream is a common theme for women who feel like they’ve put their lives on hold while they raise their children. Once their kids are old enough to care for themselves, moms everywhere start to have dreams of babies.

Often experienced as a reaction to empty-nest-syndrome in which the mother longs to care for new babies, these dreams are more likely about the dreamer’s deep seated need to re-engage her lifework or creativity that is unrelated to that of raising her children.

The baby dream, in this case, is a wake-up call to remember the infantile stage of an idea once loved . It is an invitation to metaphorically feed the dream.

The Belly of the Beast

Of course, before the dreamer can be reborn into his or her newer form, s/he must gestate in the metaphoric womb. Sometimes this happens in the belly of the beast, other times in a cave or deep chamber under the earth’s surface.

In terms of cycles of transformation, of which rebirth and resurrection is a final stage, entering the metaphoric womb can produce powerful feelings. Anxiety, mostly.

In order to be reborn, one must first die.

Whale as Womb of Regeneration

In the monomyth, or the hero’s journey, the belly of the whale signifies the final separation from the old self and old ways of being in the world. Once the initiate enters this phase of the journey, there is no turning back. S/he cannot return to the life s/he once had. Instead, the only way to move forward is to face death and confront the shadow or unconscious.

Example from mythology: Jonah and the whale, Geppetto from Pinocchio

Snake and Lizard-Man as Devourer of Initiate

Similarly, a common shamanic initiation dream is to be swallowed by an animal, often a snake or lizard-like man. The act of being devoured, or of being torn to pieces, is the death that precedes rebirth. Initiates either stay dead or are pieced back together and return to life, whole and fully shaman.

Example from a dream: Animal Initiation Dreams. Meeting the Mo’o

The Phoenix and the Flame

Another potent example of rebirth, perhaps the greatest symbol of all, is the Phoenix who dies in a flame of fire only to be reborn from its ashes.

Originating from the Egyptian Bennu, a heron like bird, the myth of the Phoenix was initially a reflection of the cyclical appearance and disappearance of the sun. Symbols and Their Meaning by Jack Tresidder

Gods & Goddesses who Die and are Resurrected

When you review mythology and fairy tales, you find countless examples of rebirth and resurrection.

Persephone and the Seasons

Some are allegorical accounts of the seasons, like the story of how Persephone is swept away from the earth’s surface and taken to the shadows of the underworld. On one level, it is a tale meant to explain the sun’s presence and absence throughout the year.

Inanna Faces the Shadow, Dies and is Reborn (2500 -3500 bce)

Other myths illustrate the courage required to face death in order to be reborn a wiser version of one’s self. Inanna’s descent into the underworld is the perfect example of this.

In the story, Inanna prepares to visit her sister, Ereshkigal, who is queen of the underworld. In the process, Inanna faces her shadow side, represented by her sister, and eventually is killed by Ereshkigal.

For three days, Inanna hangs as a piece of rotting flesh until her father, Enki, sends two creatures to help resurrect Inanna. She is reborn and returns to the earth’s surface, a wiser woman.

Other Resurrection Myths

The resurrection story most modern Westerners are familiar with, whether they are Christian or not, belongs to Jesus. But 3000 years before Christ died and was resurrected, Osiris also experienced this transformation.

The two stories differ in that Christ resurrects with the help of God the father, while Osiris is resurrected with the help of his wife, Isis, the Divine Mother.

Christ is forever afterward associated with heaven, while Osiris is god of the underworld.

Ritual & Ceremony: Sundancers, Living Sacrifice for Rebirth

But symbols and acts of rebirth do not occur only in dreams. A living dream takes place annually during the Sundance ceremony, a traditional Lakota ceremony that represents life and rebirth. You can read more about the Sundance here.

Working with imagery of rebirth and resurrection

If your dreams contain rebirth and resurrection themes, consider what aspect of your life wants to die, or has already died, and what wants to be created or revisited.

Pay attention to your dream feelings. They may indicate your reaction to the process of transformation.

Nightmares may arise if you avoid dealing with the information the dream presents. So if you feel anxiety in the dream, contemplate how you might you alleviate the anxiety in waking life. The answer is almost always to confront your fears head on. Ignoring them or hoping they’ll go away will only strengthen your dream anxiety until it turns into a nightmare.

Get creative to help you birth whatever wants to be born. Paint. Sing. Enact. Make a mask.

Most importantly, have fun.

Have you had any rebirth or resurrection dreams? Share them in the comment section below

About the Author:

Amy Brucker helps people heal their ancestral wounds so they can free their purpose, passion, and inner power. She offers a one-on-one, private healing/mentoring program Healing the Ancestral Wound. See link "Work with Me" on main menu for details.

Going Retrograde with Mercury, the Messenger God

  • Mercury Evelyn de Morgan

As the solar system enters 4 weeks of Mercury in retrograde, we thought it would be fun to talk about how Mercury might appear in dreams.

Mercury is the messenger god, after all, and if dreams are about anything, they’re about delivering messages.

Mercury in Astrology

For those not in the know, when the planet Mercury is in retrograde it appears to be moving backward along its orbit. It isn’t, it’s just an illusion, but the impact on your life is definitely real.

In fact, I didn’t believe in the potency of astrology until I discovered Mercury retrograde.

Years ago, I launched a lifework program during Mercury retrograde and my computer died. That happened to me twice and I had to buy a new computer each time.

Come to think of it, The DreamTribe went live during Mercury retrograde and the website’s database crashed and had to be restored.

It’s as though all those dreams about missing planes and not being able to dial the phone actually come to life during this astrological event.

So who and what is Mercury, and how might he / it appear in your dreams?

Let’s find out.

Myth: Messenger God and Psychopomp

Mercury is the Roman messenger god whose name is related to “merx” as in “merchandise” or “commerce.”

During the Roman Republic, the Romans came to associate Mercury with the Greek Hermes and the Celtic Lugos.

You can always spot Mercury because he and Hermes wear “talaria” or winged shoes, as well as a winged “petasos” or a sun hat.

He also carries the caduceus, a staff with two entwined snakes, which was a gift from Apollo to Hermes and appropriated as a symbol by the Romans when they integrated the Greek Hermes into the myth of Mercury.

Both Mercury and Hermes were seen as psychopomps who lead recently departed souls to the afterlife.

Source: Wikipedia, Ancient Civilizations Edited by Greg Woolf

Alchemy & Science

Of course, Mercury isn’t just a mythological figure. It’s also an element on the periodic table and one of the seven main metals of alchemy along with gold, silver, copper, lead, iron and tin.

Alchemical and Planetary symbol for MercuryMercury (Hg), also called “quicksilver” was given its name by the Alchemists. It’s a dense, silvery-white, poisonous metal that is liquid and and evaporates slowly at room temperature.When mixed with other metals, liquid mercury tended to unite with them and form hardened amalgams.These and other properties convinced alchemists that mercury transcended both the solid and liquid states, both earth and heaven, both life and death. For this reason, mercury was revered by alchemists.The metal also symbolized Hermes (Mercury) himself, the guide to the Above and Below.

Source: http://www.chemicool.com/elements/mercury.html

Source: http://www.alchemylab.com/dictionary.htm#sectM

Health Warnings

If you dream of the element mercury or mercury fillings in teeth, the message may be a health warning.

Mercury and most of its compounds are highly toxic. The pure metal is absorbed easily by inhalation, ingestion or through the skin.

It is also a chronic pollutant and mercury concentrates in animal/fish tissues in increasing amounts up the food chain.

Source: http://www.chemicool.com/elements/mercury.html

How to Work with Mercury-esque Dreams

The word “mercurial” means volatile, fickle, flighty, erratic and whenever your dreams have that quality, you may be experiencing an encounter with Mercury.

If you dream of communication issues, like not being able to dial a number on the phone, contemplate where in your life you might be having a difficult time formulating thoughts or where you might not be connecting with someone in a way that is helpful.

Communication dreams may be an invitation to make amends after an argument.

Or a suggestion to clarify your intention before proceeding with an action.

Mercury may also appear in your dreams as an initiator, leading you into the underworld or as a messenger who delivers news of health, commerce and positive communication.

What Mercury Inspired Dreams Have you had?

Have you had waking life issues during Mercury in retrograde?

What type of mercury related dreams have you had, like not being able to dial a phone or having a hard time hearing?

Have you dreamed of the metal, perhaps amalgam fillings in teeth?

Share your dreams with us. Let’s explore how this theme comes to life in our sleep and waking lives.


An alternative view and well written article: The Myth of Mercury in Retrograde

Featured image:

Mercury by Evelyn de Morgan  (1850 – 1919)

P.S. There’s a big solar flare happening right now … could add to glitches in communication.

About the Author:

Amy Brucker helps people heal their ancestral wounds so they can free their purpose, passion, and inner power. She offers a one-on-one, private healing/mentoring program Healing the Ancestral Wound. See link "Work with Me" on main menu for details.