The 7th Wave: Hypnagogia as the Key to Evolution

Ever since childhood, a period when the border between worlds is thin, I have been a prolific dreamer. It wasn’t until I was eighteen, however, and had a series of wave dreams specifically the 7th dream, that I started to record my dreams and become more conscious of their power.

Contemporary Dream Theories Starting with Freud

Unfortunately, in our Western culture, where dreaming has long been considered insignificant, advances have been slow due to a lack of funded research. No one has yet offered a holistic theory of dreaming that accounts for how dreams form in the brain, what they mean, and why human cultures around the world draw significance from them. Instead, we have many competing theories, all of which look at different aspects of the dreaming world.

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The Dream Theories of Carl Jung

Except for Dr Freud, no one has influenced modern dream studies more than Carl Jung. A psychoanalyst based in Geneva, Switzerland, Jung (1875 -1961) was a friend and follower of Freud but soon developed his own ideas about how dreams are formed. While depth psychology has fallen out of favor in neuroscience, Jung’s ideas are still thriving in contemporary psychoanalytic circles. Popular applications directly based on Jung’s research include the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, the polygraph (lie detector) test, and 12-step addiction recovery programs.

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