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How to connect with the deceased through dreams

When I was a hospice grief counselor, I often met clients who dreamed of their deceased loved ones.

For most of them, the experience had a healing effect on their lives and gave them comfort.

For others, though, the dreams were nightmarish. These people had witnessed the decline of their loved one and consequently had unfinished business that left them feeling hopeless and depressed.

Dreams like this are called Visitation Dreams.

They are a universal phenomenon and when you

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Die and Become! Death in Dreams

Die and Become! Till Thou Hast learned this, Thou are but a dull guest on this dark planet. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There was an antiquated belief that if you dreamed you died in your sleep then you would actually die in waking life.

Of course, this is an old wives’ tale but there is something unsettling about witnessing death in a dream.

And something wise.

Let’s face it, death is a taboo subject in our culture. And