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Why Dreams are Important

Until recently, many people in western cultures haven’t paid much attention to the meaning of their dreams. They considered dreams to be:

1. Meaningless images
2. Random neurons firing in the brain
3. A useless recycling of past days’ events

But that’s changing. As scientists begin to discover quantifiable evidence that dreams are important and meaningful, people are simultaneously beginning to pay more attention to the wisdom of their dreams.

One needn’t look far to find the relevance of dreams and their

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Why are Dreams Difficult to Understand

When I teach dreamwork someone invariably asks why dreams are so difficult to understand. If dreams mean something, in other words, why aren’t the meanings obvious?

One reason is that a single dream can address various areas of life at once. Each dream scene, therefore, has multiple layers of meaning.

There are many opposing perspectives on why we dream and whether or not dream images hold symbolic or literal meaning. In this article I discuss a multitude

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Why We Forget Our Dreams

Dream research indicates that all people have about 4 to 6 six dreams a night. Some people remember all six dreams while others don’t remember any.

One might wonder why there is such a drastic difference.  There isn’t one answer, of course, but here are seven common reasons why people don’t remember their dreams.

1. Dreams are Weird

In DreamTime magazine, dreamworker Jeremy Taylor mentions that dreams are frequently unusual, not resembling anything from our waking life, and therefore sometimes

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How to Remember Your Dreams

As I mention in Why We Forget Our Dreams, simply reading about dreams may be enough to help you remember your dreams. However, if you want specific techniques there are a few steps you can follow to unlock the door to your dream warehouse.

To get started dreaming,

1. You have to want to remember

If you don’t remember, you may start remembering simply by stating that you want to remember you dreams.

2. Invite dreams into your life

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Working with Others and having the "Aha" Experience

In the realm of dream work there is a giant paradox that is impossible to ignore:

As the dreamer, you are the only one who can say what your dream means. No one has authority over your dream images. No one else can say, “You dreamed of X and it absolutely, positively means this…”

But here’s the paradox: dreams have many layers of meaning and while it’s relatively easy for a person to glean the most obvious