Dreaming of Dragons

As the Year of the Dragon made its dramatic entrance into the lunar New Year, we at the DreamTribe thought it would be interesting to explore how and why dragons appear in dreams.

Afterall, some dragons guard the gate to the underworld where hidden treasures await us. Other dragons guard the gate to the heavens, the place that holds insight and inspiration. And still others are the monsters we fight in order to prove our power (mostly to ourselves) so we can evolve as beings.

Indeed, dragons are multi-faceted creatures who often symbolize benevelonce in the East and malevolence in the West, and when you dream of dragons it’s probably a good idea to know which one you are confronting.

Why we dream of dragons

Western dragons are large and scaly, scary and fierce. They perfectly capture the essence of what it’s like to be tormented by our fears.

What better image to represent the inner demons we must face in order to grow as people?

Conversly, Eastern dragons are often colorful and beautiful, eloquently representing the magical and supernatural qualities of life that protect us and grant us wishes. These dragons might also represent our inner power, the aspect of ourself that is calling us forth into new territory.

In dream-land, dragons may represent various aspects of our internal and external lives, the parts or our personality we fight against, the battles we win and lose with ourselves and others, as well as the struggles we overcome.

Learning how to work with dragon dreams might empower you to face your fears, recognize and claim your inner gifts so you can more easily take them into the world, and make peace with whatever frustrations plague your life.

But what if you’ve never dreamed of a dragon?

Although you may not have dreamed of an actual firebreathing dragon, chances are you’ve dreamed of an adversary or helpful guide who was dragon-like. Snakes, serpents, and sea-monsters can fall into the “dragon” category since they are the progenitors of the species.

Regardless of the type of dragon in your dreams, these impressive beings can simultaneously evoke awe and fear. The trick is to summon the necessary courage to stand your ground so you can determine how to interact with the dragon. Should you slay it or ask it for guidance? To better understand the answer it’s useful to explore the history of dragons.

Dragons In Mythology

In Eastern mythology, the dragon is a long, snakelike creature with four or five claws and is a symbol of auspicious, benevelont power. “The association between the dragon and vigilance (which it can personify in art) is evidenced by many tales in which dragons appear as guardians linked with the underworld and with oracular knowledge.” Source: page 54 Symbols and their Meanings by Jack Tresidder

There are many types of dragons in Chinese mythology. For instance, the Heavenly Dragon Tianlong (Tian – heaven, Long – dragon), is a dragon who guards the heavenly palace. The Underworld Dragon or Treasure Dragon, Fucanglong, lived in caves below the earth and protected natural and man-made treasures. Source: Encyclopedia Mythica.

In Westeren mythology, the dragon is typically a two legged creature who possesses the ability to fly. Most of Western Europe experiences the dragon as an evil adversary.

In Norse mythology, for instance, “Nidhogg (“tearer of corpses”) is a monstrous serpent that gnaws almost perpetually at the deepest root of the World Tree Yggdrasil, threatening to destroy it. Nidhogg (also) lies on Nastrond in Niflheim and eats corpses to sustain itself.” Source: Encyclopedia Mythica

Dragon Slayers in Poetry and Literature

Dragon slayers are the reveared heroes who face their enemy with ferocious and cunning skills, usually saving a virgin or community from impending disaster.

In the Homeric Hymn to Pythian Apollo it is written,

(ll. 300-310) But near by was a sweet flowing spring, and there with his strong bow the lord, the son of Zeus, killed the bloated, great she-dragon, a fierce monster wont to do great mischief to men upon earth, to men themselves and to their thin-shanked sheep; for she was a very bloody plague. … (ll. 334-362) Whosoever met the dragoness, the day of doom would sweep him away, until the lord Apollo, who deals death from afar, shot a strong arrow at her.

Another famous dragon slayer was St. George, William Shakespear refers to him in Richard III:

Advance our standards, set up on our foes

Our ancient world of courage fair St. George

Inspire us with the spleen of fiery dragons

Richard III, act v, sc 3

Dragons In Jungian Psychology

When the hero fights the dragon it is a battle with

the regressive forces of the unconscious which threaten to swallow the individuating ego. The forces, personified in figures like Circe, Kali, medusa, sea serpents, Minotaur, or Gorgon, represent the Terrible side of the Great Mother. The Hero may voluntarily submit to being swallowed by the monster, or to a conscious descent into Hades so as to vanquish the forces of darkness.

This mortifying descent into the abyss, the sea, the dark cave, or the underworld in order to be reborn to a new identity expresses the symbolism of the night-sea journey through the uterine belly of the monster. It is a fundamental theme in mythology the world over — that of death and rebirth. All initiatory rituals involve this basic archetypal pattern through which the old order and early infantile attachments must die and a more mature and productive life be born in their place.

This dragon fight and liberation of the captive is the archetypal pattern that can guide us through those major transitional passages in our personal development where a rebirth or reorientation of consciousness is indicated. The captive represents the ‘new’ element whose liberation makes all further development possible. Source: http://www.cgjungny.org/d/d_mythpsyche.html

Draco, the Dragon Constellation 

In Greek mythology, the constellation Draco, which is a constellation in the northern hemisphere, “was identified with the dragon Ladon, which had a hundred heads and was in charge of guarding the Garden of the Hesperides, the orchard of the goddess Hera where golden apples that gave immortality grew. When Hercules was given the task to steal the apples, he enchanted Ladon with music and put him to sleep before stealing the apples. Hera later placed the dragon among the stars.” source: http://www.topastronomer.com

As an aside, Draco is also the name of one of Harry Potter’s main adversaries, Draco Malfoy, who is a member of the Slytherin House whose mascot is the serpent.

How to playfully work with dragon dreams

Dragon dreams, whether they entail snakes, serpents or giant creatures, are often powerful, big dreams. Although it might be useful to explore the imagery symbolically, enacting them through dream theater might yield more profound results.

This is most easily done in a dream group setting, but if you’re all by yourself you can use props like pillows and chairs.

Start by sharing the dream. Then have the dreamer choose people to play various parts of the dream, everything from dream characters like the dragon to emotions like fear. Have someone else play the role of the dreamer, too. If you have enough participants, assign people to play significant landscape characteristics, like an erupting volcano.

Once roles are assigned, have the dreamer walk everyone through the dream scenario step-by-step. Then do it again as a seamless play. Once you’re done, have the dreamer play him or herself so s/he can experience the dream in waking life.

When you’re done, you might “dream the scene forward” by having the characters continue to act from an intuitive place, everyone imagining what happens next and acting it out.

The dreamer can ask the characters questions, like, “Dragon, why are you near this erupting volcano?”. Participants reply as though they are that character. (E.g. the person playing the dragon speaks as though she is the dragon and answers the dreamers question from the dragon’s perspective. The person playing the volcano does the same.)

Encourage everyone to trust their intuition and any insights they glean from the experience. 

How to work dragon dreams symbolically 

When it comes to dreams it seems fitting to reflect on the two opposing views of dragons – benevolent and malevolent. Like two sides of the same coin, one dragon is the bringer of good fortune while the other is a scary monster who must be overcome.

Since dreams often reveal the obstacles we need to metaphorically slay before we can grow as people and connect with our Greater Self, our dream dragons might represent our need to confront our internal and external enemies in order to find the gold within and without.

When a dragon or dragon-like creature appears in your dream, contemplate your reaction or interaction with it. 

Did you fight it?


Ask it a question?

Receive a gift?

How you act in a dream may be an indicator of how you are acting or responding in waking life.

Outer dragons

If your dream dragon causes you fear, ask if there is something in waking life that feels overwhelmingly frightening. It could be a person, place, thing or event. It could be a calling to a specific vocation that causes you to feel fear about the prospects of letting go of the past. It could be anything.

If your dream dragon causes you to feel joy or gives you a gift, ask if there is something in waking life that feels larger than life that needs to be approached and accepted. It could be a job offer or a new relationship. Again, it could be anything.

Inner dragons

Your dream dragon can also represent inner struggles, like feeling fearful of moving forward or nervous about an upcoming event. It might also indicate the need to muster up the courage to stand your ground in difficulty or trying circumstances.

Have you had any dragon dreams?

If so, share your dream and what it meant to you in the comments section below.

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P.S. Several weeks after posting this article, I saw this video on a prehistoric Dragon Shark …

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  1. Jessica February 1, 2012 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    dreamed last night that i was in a “mulit-layered” apartment complex. I was on the bottom floor with a group of women who were all elements of me. I was conscious of this and going up to each one, sort of exploring their different personalities. As I approached one woman who reminded me of this girl Nicole from high school (which also happens to be my middle name), her eyes got huge and she looked at me and said “earth quake.” The building stared to sway side to side and we formed a ring in the middle of the room and became the foundation to hold the building together. THEN a dragon descended from the sky and circled the building and with a large final roar screamed into the sky, fell and turned to bone. He had brought the earth quake and used all his life force conjuring it. We ran outside and I walked up to the dragon skull which was gaping open stuck in its roar. It was bone white but each of its teeth was a different color of the rainbow! I looked at it and said to the dragon,” This belongs to me now,” and I took his head with the rainbow teeth!

    • Nicole February 3, 2012 at 6:40 pm - Reply

      Your dream first caught my attention when you mentioned “multi-layered” apartment complex building. I have been having many dreams in buildings I’m unfamiliar with maze like. I have also been seeing everything in my waking life as a hologram of myself. Everyone is a refection of myself nothing is separate, all is a perspective, all exists in me. This thought process has been following me into my dreams (that’s a whole other post). My name is Nicole born in “76 year of the dragon, and my best friends name in high school was Jessica. Your dream resonates with me very strongly! Thank you for posting!

      • Jessica February 8, 2012 at 10:19 pm - Reply

        I am year of the dragon too (’76) and I do believe it was you in my dream!

      • Christy McDaniel May 26, 2013 at 4:51 am - Reply

        yes mine was a multilayered white room with one small but wide set of stairs inside had like a open condo look to it with some sort of lounge pad

    • justin lemons March 23, 2013 at 3:52 pm - Reply

      i had a dream about zekrom a dragon type i think i’m a dragon a prince dragon i past out one day and i was in my moms room when i woke up and my dream was flying and i saw a snake wolves and then i felt weird grr

    • Mike April 20, 2014 at 11:55 pm - Reply

      In my dream I got an egg I dont remember if it was a gift or I took it.
      It hatched this was a series of dreams.
      It grew and grew then I notice it was becoming difficult to control her then one day she flew away. Then the dreams stopped. The setting was forest like woods

  2. Josie February 1, 2012 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    Last summer I had 3 dreams of dragons in one night, which are too long to detail here, and I’ve felt ever since that they, as one, were a huge dream for me that I’m still yet to understand. I worked on it with some great people at the dream conference in the Netherlands 2011 and with the help of a good friend there, and I think it relates to me trying to control my unconscious mind, when what I really should be doing is treating it like an equal and accepting the things I have buried. These things are still very, very prominent in my life currently, and I think it was really that dream that kicked off these processes. Besides which, it was a really, really cool dream! Incredibly vivid, powerful, and emotional.

  3. Claire Paulette Turcotte February 1, 2012 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    my dream began the night before when I had gone to the museum to see the amazing show on dinosaurs, entitled :the dragons. There was one bone that they allowed public to touch and hold. I put my hand over it and asked, since “you are extinct and have lived through so many ages, what can you tell me that I need to hear about my life?” That night I dreamt I was slithering into a “skin” tight damp, slippery skin, like a very tight skirt. I had to perform something for the people and I was preparing. I was behind a curtain to “dress” but then came out into the open. The air was charged, as I looked around. I suddenly saw, in the distance as if through a huge window, a team of dragons advancing towards us. I waited and pondered quite frightened and then they were very close and the leader approached me with the others following. They were huge but the closer they came, the less afraid i was. The leader came up to me and I turned to face him directly, and suddenly found myself bowing to him with my palms together. Strangely, he did the same, and almost seemed like an old man with white hair. These words cannot convey the divine energy present in this and how moved I was to experience something so unusual. Even in my dream, I thought… Oh My God, I didn’t screw it up!… :) This dream can be tossed off with “facing your dragons” but it was much more to me, and I cherish these dragons and my connection to the bone at the museum…the archetypal energy really is present here and I bow to that….

    • Cynthia Greb February 2, 2012 at 5:37 pm - Reply

      Beautiful dreams, everyone!!!

      Thank you so much for inviting us to share about Dragon dreams. I’ve been curious myself if others have been dreaming of the Dragon this year.

      I’ve had a few Dragon dreams over the years. The energy of the Dragon was different in each dream, it seemed. I will share the highlights of a few to illustrate:

      In ’96 there was a large Dragon, with claws, at the base of a tree. An enormous amount of power was associated with this Dragon.

      In ’04 I was flying with a high school classmate in a landscape that felt like it was from another time. Because of the structure of this world, we were only able to fly so high. Meanwhile, Dragons were snapping at us and it was challenging to “keep safe” because we couldn’t fly too high. The Dragons were Kings.

      In ’05, I had left seven eggs on a mountaintop. I knew I needed to retrieve them before nightfall, but it was clearly way too far away. A Dragon allowed me to climb on her back because I “had a good heart.” Then the Dragon flew me to the eggs.

      More recently, in Nov. 2011, we were “building a tree.” We saw a Dragon approaching and we were afraid. Everyone started running. I knew Dragons could fly, but thought perhaps they couldn’t swim, so I jumped in the water and swam to a large building complex that was under construction.

      Interestingly, in an ’03 dream, Dragons were swimming in the water.

      And one more. Just a couple weeks ago I dreamed of a powerful female friend who was telling me about my allies. Then her eyes opened wide and she said: “You know ___________.” (And she said a name I did not recognize or remember.) I said, “I don’t know who that is.” She said, “It’s ________.” And she gave another name I was unfamiliar with. Then she explained that it was the Sea Serpent.

      In the last dream, I assume this was related to my awareness (conscious or not) of it being the Year of the Water Dragon. And/or it was confirming Serpent/Dragon energy coming into my life as an ally at this time.

      I like the dreams in which the Dragon feels like an ally. I feel disappointed in myself when I try to run from or escape from the Dragon. I know I need to do some re-entry and talk with the Dragon a bit more.

      Thank you.

  4. Sleeping realities February 3, 2012 at 10:00 am - Reply

    loved this article! I haven’t had many dragon dreams. Just one that I can remember, about 8 years ago when I was in college. It impacted me in a big way, but I didn’t know what to do about it then.
    I dreamed I saw a gray dragon arching his neck, posing for a movie camera: they were filming for a preview. He looked like the dragon in the logo for the video game, Mortal Kombat. (But I am not a gamer). I was scared and a bit awed. Then the dragon went into a room that I thought might be my bedroom. I looked in, and there was a young girl at the far end of the room. The dragon had crawled under the rug and was slithering towards her. I was really scared but felt I had to rescue that little girl. I noticed the dragon had grown two heads and i wondered what to do. But time was wasting! I rushed in and jumped on one of the lumps in the rug where one of the dragon’s heads was. I felt the eyeballs squishing under my feet. I was uneasy about that other head, though, and that’s when I woke up.
    In retrospect this dream makes a lot of sense. I was in a strict religion back then, and had decided that I would not date, but devote my life to God. I had a huge crush, though! Oops! (Someone who, incidentally, had a dragon associated with him… Long story…) The two heads probably represented my divided thinking on this “taboo” topic of sexuality and partnership. Squishing the eyes could be a pun on “I.” I was denying my Self in order to preserve this “holy” innocence, but part of me wouldn’t die. Too bad I didn’t understand this back then. It’s been a long, difficult struggle with this dragon over the years, and only in the past two or so years have I really made peace with it! Integrating it feels a ton better than fighting it!

  5. Amy E. Brucker February 3, 2012 at 10:06 am - Reply

    What a potent collection of dragon dreams! All of your dreams would make great “dream theater.”

    @Jessica, in Chinese mythology I believe there is a rainbow dragon. Might be worth checking out.

    Thank you everyone for sharing.

  6. [...] Amy wrote in her piece about working with Dragon dreams, the confrontation with the dragon might empower you to “face your fears, recognize and claim [...]

  7. Justin pratt February 23, 2012 at 9:38 am - Reply

    I didnt know ppl had dreams about dragons! I waa kinda scared of the dream til readind this. All tje replys has been differnt from mines. I was the dragons gaurdian, and i love her and she loved me! Ppl tried to slay her and the eggs she layed, but i still protected them wit my life! Plz sumbody tell what that means. The oldest was a pretty purple, and one her babies was pretty light green. She waa slayed i was sad but i kept her babies safe. If anyone can help plz reply back. Thank you truly justn

  8. Pete31 February 28, 2012 at 3:05 am - Reply

    I dreamt that a girl who i loved in the past , came to me and wanted to make love, she had a dragon bone tattoo on her back. I gave in to her wishes, could i know what that means ?

  9. Eris June 10, 2012 at 11:13 am - Reply

    I had a dream lastnight, of a dragon..My first dragon dream,I have ever had.
    And in this dream…Since there is no difference between nightmares and dreams for me, I was running. At first, the dragon was friendly, it was as if a game had begun. A vicious game…There was a woman, who had power over the dragon though, but it still posessed free will. I could do magic, it seemed, not alot, but enough…For instance, closing my eyes, imagining something, and it appears when I would open my eyes. But then I came face to face with this dragon, it was as if a bet was placed, though I don’t remember….And this vile, was given to me, the dragon, and that woman. By someone I don’t know…I don’t remember the name of the vile but the name of it, was as if I knew all about it’s contents…It was a violet murky color. And 2 drops mixed with water. Was the most you could take. After it started the game begun..It was almost friendly competition, like our lives didn’t matter… The dragon came after me, and I fell down into the woods, while trying to escape, because he shot me with one arrow, that went into my shoulder, and I ripped it out. I hid in this ..strange room all the sudden, and when he called me out, I thought he had found me because his voice was close…So I jumped down from the ledge and tried running again, This time he didn’t use the arrow with a bow, He put it into his clawlike hands, and stabbed me in the other shoulder…I struggled and got free, and made my way into a strange bathroom, but I realized too quickly, I had cornered myself. The dragon came in swiftly, laughing as it saw me in the corner. It allowed me to exit the bathroom, when it did. I ran, and it flew up towards me almost touching my back, and an arrow went straight through my chest….I screamed but didn’t die.
    And it held me there until I woke up.. I can remember in detail alot of my dreams…but I do not know the interpretation of this one…. Any help?

  10. Love June 15, 2012 at 9:29 am - Reply

    Last night, I had a dream about a dragon. And I’ve never really had any animal dreams since high school and I’m an adult now, college educated etc. But anyway, in this dream I was in a house ( two stories or three I believe). My family was there, dad and mom, even my sister. But then, there were other women about 5 plus my sis and me, all around the same age told to hide in wthin the house because “he” is coming. My sister and I hid in a closet, and we were giggling, thinking, whats all tis crazy talk about. Then my a older woman opened our door and we left that room, and there it was, a big, bold and beautiful looking dragon. I yanked my sister and we headed for te stairs. ( I was trying to get us to the upper level.) And once we got to the stairs the same group of women witin our age range (20-25) were standing there holding ands waiting. My sister let go of my hand as the dragon came forth following us, gliding over the other women. He didnt want her, and he didnt want the others. He wanted me. I felt him touch my shoulder, and his eyes, didnt look like a beast. They looked warm and round, and kind, like a human. But I freaked out, and I ran away from him. And with my running. He disappeared like a poof of smoke. And Later came, my mother, telling me, that he was not the problem. And thats where my dream ended. I just want some help with this. I’ve never had a dragon dream and I truly think it’s trying to tel me something about myself. About everything that’s going on in my life. That dragon wasnt scary and he didnt look like he wanted to hurt me, but still I ran. Any comments would be greatly appricated. And Also, I enjoyed your article.

    • Cairi October 5, 2012 at 1:52 pm - Reply

      I think it’s really common at least in the dream/spirit world that people run away from dragons. If you still want to make contact with this dragon and ask him things, practice meditating. When you feel that you can reach deep inside yourself to a competent ability, hold the image of him in your mind and call him forward. It might not work the first time, but keep trying – they love the sound of their own names and if he’s a kind one it won’t take long.
      Bet wishes
      From Cairi whose spirit animal is a dragon.

  11. Jed June 18, 2012 at 2:28 am - Reply

    I dreamed of a dragon not long ago. It was gold and green. Perhaps only green and the gold was just the bright golden light reflecting off of his scales. He seemed to go on for miles. I stood in the darkness beside it’s tail, beyond the miles of dragon was a warm golden glow. Naturally I moved towards it. Then with a stomach churning speed the dragon moved it’s head towards it’s tail and myself. It looked me in the eyes and told me that I was not ready, that i was too soft. finn

  12. ViYun July 6, 2012 at 10:07 pm - Reply

    I had dream about water dragon last night
    Im goin holiday w my bf, we have argue coz he paid his friend’s trip, but i ve to pay mine by my self. Then i said i need to go to this place,which is ve very beautiful beach beside it. But then i go alone very long way, i found some ppl inside n talk w them. then i found a river that connected straight away to the sea, i saw very beautiful fire, colorful lights and beautiful creature inside.. i took some pictures to send to my bf. Then im arrived to the place i mention, then im shock i saw very beautiful n big things.. Water dragon, all from water but shaped of dragon, flying around infront of me, i was like wtf its impossible (yah its in dream :p) then i saw the ve a ceremony to bring d dragon out, then d chief of d ceremony a nun, come to me n telling me that i ve some problem that im very blind w my life, dont know what to do, she said she will open my mind, n let d dragon touch my head which is make my head very heavy n pain >.< but after that i feel nothing, but then i ve go back to the place i stay, thinking d way is too long n scary n noone want to acompanying me coz they also scared, so they gave me torch n they will light my way w biger torch, but at the end i choose another way.. n hola its faster!! :p n my dream finished
    when i awake i stil lcna remember d dragon look super awesome! n its amaze me d way my dream talk w me just exactly what i feel in my life right now.. well but i dont know what was is it about.. :p

  13. jazz July 23, 2012 at 6:26 am - Reply

    Last night I just had a dragon dream. It was as if like a movie.

    It was a tribe and every year, there is a ceremony that they need to perform. In the ceremony there is a chosen one who will have to face and collide with the dragon. In there ceremony, the chosen and the dragon has to merge into one and it will turn the moon into red, once the moon turns red, it will produce them holy water or some sort of miraculous water. The tribe has to asked everyone to drink a water from a spring. Whoever drinks the water then will glow (its a different name that they called it and i cant remember) will be the chosen one.

    I was part of the tribe and i was the chosen one. I had to fly and hit head on with the dragon. There were some walls I hit and crashed but it didnt feel hurt. The dragon was black and very big but I was not scared. After the collision, I could no longer happen what happen. I woke up days after and friends and other people on the tribe told me that I got lot of bruises and causes me to sleep for awhile. I saw my husband but he ignored me. A friend of mine said that he got mad when I agree to be the chosen one.

    Dont know what this means. If anyone who could help interpret, please do so.

  14. Tracie September 4, 2012 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    I’ve never dreamt of a dragon before so I was extremely interested in what it means. The dream: I was watching everything going on, like I was astrally projecting and watching over it all. There were a bunch of people in a cave and the head lady was quite full of herself. Most of the people in the cave were kind. She went out the mouth of the cave, came back and a dragon was behind her. It was smaller than I thought dragons were, though very harmless. The head lady was showing the dragon around and it seemed normal to everyone else in the cave. It was a very kind dragon, though I’m not sure why it was there and I also don’t remember how it ended.

    I dream about snakes constantly, but I am at a loss as to what a dragon would represent in this dream.


  15. Patricia September 7, 2012 at 10:05 am - Reply

    Hi there dragon dreamers…
    Last night I had a very vivid dream… I’m from 1976 too and I love dragons… i even have a big black dragon tattoo on my back….
    On my dream I was in the sea, hanging on a surfboard with my friends, the water was clear, we were having fun…and then I saw what looked like 2 sharks… I was scared and had no hope of living…. I actually thought “I am gonna die”… then when the creature came closer, I realized was a black sea dragon… and was friendly… I touched the head and it was very smooth, I was petting and felt very happy and relieved… I start screaming, cheering ” Its a dragon, they really exist!!” … it was a great feeling of joy…
    I have tried to interpret the dream… but looking for answers on the web I got confused, as some people say black dragons are evil forces.. help anyone ??
    it was an crazy night.. I also dreamed with massive penguins before that lol
    Thanks :)

    • Cairi October 5, 2012 at 1:44 pm - Reply

      Hey, my spirit animal is dragon so I may be able to help out.
      First of all dragons are shape shifters, they can take whatever form they fancy. Any dragon of their home element seems to stick to their own elemental colours i.e. my dragon is an earth dragon and is the blackest shade of green, she knows a sea dragon who is the kind of white that you find on breaking waves (I’ve met him through her, he’s really cool).
      I too got the same feeling of joy when I found my dragon, she was all welcoming and I felt this great outpouring of love from her when I consciously realised that she was my spirit animal. Maybe this dragon is your spirit animal? It is said that spirit animals make themselves known through dreams sometimes. Also your black dragon tattoo could be you subconsciously printing your spirit animal onto your skin. When i found my dragon I really wanted to get a green dragon tattoo. When I told her she rolled her eyes and said it was a silly unecessity…
      And this is the bit where I hope that I am not shit crazy when I say what I am saying. My dragon knows that black dragon. I really hope this is not my imagination when I say that my dragon says that he is a bit of an eccentric (which would explain his choice of black as a water dragon). She says he’s lovely, really likes you, and wants to go swimming again.
      If you call him he will come. I hope I have identified him as a he correctly..
      Also fear when you first encounter a dragon is natural, though I have had mine since childhood so I can’t really remember being scared.

  16. Will September 30, 2012 at 2:34 am - Reply

    I am not born in the year of the dragon….just to clear that up, however I dreamed 2 days ago about summoning a dragon. It was kind of weird, I had three dragons in my control each with different aspects…that is just to some it up, it is a shame I didn’t write down my dream because I had another dream the next night about something which kind of overwrote the dream about dragons. All I remember is when I woke up from the dream I had an overwhelming sense of clarity.

  17. Cairi October 5, 2012 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    So let me start off my saying I love dragons more than anything, their my soul-creature. I have a collection of dragon toys, I love reading books about dragons and surprise surprise my spirit animal is a dragon (an earth dragon of blackest green with flashing fire eyes). She’s been with me since childhood or very near my birth, we’ve flown together and she’s played tag with me in an ancient floating ruin of a dragon temple. We’ve had many conversations and she’s such a dear friend to me.

    My dream involves me climbing a tower of pale sandstone, all around the clouds were bloodied and swirling. If I thought and concentrated about getting to the top of the tower I would fall, I would only catch onto something when I stopped thinking about the tower and started doing.

    I had to climb not to think. I eventually got to the top, not without falling several times, and walked around and rested. Soon I jumped off the tower and felt myself TRANSFORM into a purple dragon, screeching what I can only call a dragon hatchling noise (seriously it was clear and strange enough that I can remember it ever so clearly in my head).

    But this isn’t where it stops like most dreams do. When I fall asleep I return to my purple dragon form, and dream as myself as a purple dragon.

    When I think of my myself in my purple dragon form whilst in my human body, I can feel my neck lengthen and my head becomes six foot or so off the ground. I can feel a crown of horns grow on my head, my shoulders hunch, my wings grow long and leathery, and my legs and arms become the same length. I can feel my arse stick out and a long powerful spiky tail grows from where the cocyx is. I have a such a scratchy tickle in my throat….The last dream I had I tried to breath fire but coughed up smoke….

    I don’t know if this means anything, but since I was young girl I have always been aware of having spectral wings on my back. I always thought they were feathered but that didn’t seem to fit, it has only been when I found (though she’s been here the whole time) my spirit animal that I was aware that they were leathery.. I have asked my spirit dragon what she means and she’s just extremely proud of me, and she smiles and winks like she knows the best secret ever but won’t tell it to me. Does turning into a dragon mean I am ready for some great obstacle or I am meant for great things as purple is the colour of kings, popes, and queens? Or could it mean in conjunction with that since exploring my spirituality a bit more that I’ve accepted and become the dragon part of my spirit?
    Either way I don’t think it’s a bad thing, well at least from what my spirit guide says by her not saying.

  18. sumaiya October 5, 2012 at 11:10 pm - Reply

    i was not born in dragon year…i was born on 1999
    last month i had a dragon dream it was wierd..
    the dream starts …….
    in my dream i was really upset so i came on the roof from my room when i came on the roof there were so many crows flying …
    then i suddenly saw a dragon flying in middle of those crows then i saw my two cousins talking standing on stairs n thier was one women with them i went to them and told them to look up at sky i was screaming n telling them to look at that dragon then they looked at sky but the couldn’t see the dragon ……then that dragon came down and he turned into a boy then i again told everyone to look at this dragon boy but no body could see him he walked so close to me and then he went to the door he was leaving i ran to him and asked him who are you then he suddenly turned into a dragon and he catched me n took me to some wierd place ..meanwhile i fainted when i woke up (in my dream) i saw my parent running and every thing was getting dark then i heard that dragon boy saying shall i leave her or kill her and he said some other things also but i don’t remember and i even don’t know with who he was talking …
    then he came to me then my mom waked me up to go to school… :’(
    can any one plzzzzz tell me what this dream means i really wanna know what it mean…!!!

  19. holly October 13, 2012 at 1:58 pm - Reply

    Hi everyone. I have had 2 dreams about dragons. 1 was last night, and one was 4 years ago. The first one i had ( 4 yrs ago) was dated back it seemed in the time of Jesus Christ. I was walking along a clay home that had a small mote around it, in a cape that was woven from hemp or something. I walked along the path to the front entrance, and saw an old man with a white beard he called me marie. I was also pregnant in this dream. I began to cross the mote and cross a small road into the woods. The sky fell dark and there appeared a scaly grey color dragon with large eyes and a box shaped jaw. He was circling me as i walked. So being pregnant ( which I should mention I was also pregnant in real life) I was trying to run through the woods and as I became exhausted I fell to my knees and hid against a tree. The dragon swooped down and tried to swallow me but did not. then when he was flying in the air looking at me I challenged him and yelled at him ( I dont remember the words). He swooped down again and tried to swallow me but then I woke up. Then next dream which I had last night was very eery. At first I was laying on the ocean floor but very able to breath. There I saw very large sharks and there was a voice explaining all the creatures to me. I was fascinated and did not feel threatened. They didnt seem to notice me. Then a dragon, large, black, with a triceratops looking head, but with a larger horn in the front started swimming i the water above me. I began to feel uncertain I wasnt sure if I was okay or not. All of a sudden I found my husband laying beside me on the ocean floor. There was another voice in the dream only speaking to me and said, “this is one of the last dragons to ever exist. this dragon feels like royalty or a princess, because is has one horn.” I noticed the dragon began to sim directly above me and started to look at me closely. I felt unsafe but unsure at the same time. I took a black blanket and put it over my face to hide from the dragon. My husband layed there in open view beside me. The dragon came closer to me, directly infront of my face and said ” Princessssss” in a low voice. My husband was shocked that it spoke. he replied ” what….?” and the dragon said to him ” have only have one horn….”( and then the dragon touched my forhead and said)” she has 1,2,3,4,5 horns…” but I had no horns visible on my head so it was very confusing for me. Then I felt the dragon felt like I was competition and wanted to hurt me. and unfortunately I wake up! I have looked into meanings but I cant seem to find a conclusion. Can anyone help please? Thank you

  20. Mike October 30, 2012 at 11:02 am - Reply

    I had a dream that i went to a lake to water ski I had just got one and wanted to try it it was weird and came to a point shape, granted ive never been jet skiing so why this was in my dream who knows. Anyway iwe nt and the lake was closed off so i came back the next day and went there was alot of ppl there so i went around the bend in the lake and started to turn around i made a sharp turn so my head was close to the water just then a dragons head came out and looked at me face to face I was exited it had small scales and huge eyes with no visible puples whatsoever so i hurried back and told ppl what i saw. I couldnt believe it when there reply was lets kill it, its prolly dangerous so i was aguing not to kill it but they would not listen so I went to warn the dragon and as I was telling it what the ppl wanted to do it told me that it would be fine that it was old just then a shot went off and hit the dragon it said you are different thank you and came out of the water intill now i thought it was small but it was huge it was half the size of the lake and had wings that looked like bark it flew away and that was the end of my dream. The only reason i find this a strange dream is cause ive never dreamed of a dragon and ive never jet ski.. also wasnt afraid of it at all…

  21. Lauren November 26, 2012 at 8:43 am - Reply

    I dreamt last night that I was on an island in the sky following or adventuring with a person I can’t now recognize who was very powerful as well as magic. However he was being hunter by other beings who were also all powerful and they for some reason were on his tail. He told me about another island, I think his, that was lower than the island we were currently on. We jumped off of the main island and through cloud cover, onto a new one. We could not see it from the main island. Up top there two MASSIVE monsters flying and fighting (What I think were dragons). When we arrived below I was peeking through some kind of veil at the intruders to the island, they managed to get to this one somehow and I remember telling the gifted guy to be quiet so they couldn’t hear him. Somehow my dream changed, and I was in a sandy desert with a lot of massive bones and ruins. I came across a giant dragon skull that in my dream I immediately interpreted as a shrine. The entire place was extremely spiritual. I found comfort in this shrine and liked that I could talk to this dragon, or deity, whatever it was. All of a sudden from the sky, bones started to fall. The two dragons had been killed, one of which fell first, the other near to that one. Their spirits merged into a bigger being which had also been slayed, and when it died it rained onto this island and practically buried it, with this shrine. The skull of that monster or dragon broke the shrine. I remember digging in the sand for the piece that broke, and suddenly I was surrounded by aboriginal people (one of whom is my mothers partner) and they are helping me to fix the shrine, which we succeeded in doing. We were happy and laughing, that was the end to the dream.

    I’ve had a few symbolic dreams in my life, but after such a stressful few months this one kind of stuck out to me. I don’t recall ever dreaming of dragons like this. It may mean nothing, but it seems pretty intense. I’ve got an interview today I’m looking forward to, and I’m with a new person who I’ve clicked very well with. incredibly supportive and I’m wondering if either of those could tie into any meanings of this dream.

    It’s a long one, I don’t expect a reply but I am happy I wrote it out. Thanks!

  22. Lou December 6, 2012 at 10:40 am - Reply

    I had a really wierd dream last night and was wondering if anyone can help decipher what it meant. I have never had a dream about a dragon before and yet in this dream I was the actual dragon – a chinese dragon mostly yellow/gold body with red fur along my back and green whiskers/tentacles/feelers to be precise. In the begginning I was me (human) but then I transformed into the dragon described above and was being chased by people, so I was flying (even though I had no wings) desperately towards this really tall tower (built like traditional old fashioned chinese buildings with the curved roof ridges) that was white and red and had a staircase that wound around it. As I got towards the tower people fired arrows at me from the staircase and shouted “quick it’s coming protect the egg and tower” – anyway after circling the tower a few times, an arrow landed and I began to fall from the sky, then just a few metres off the ground before I hit the water that surrounded the tower (like a moat) I was able to stable myself and fly off to a safe distance but with the tower still in view.
    Also in this dream there was another that could transform into a dragon – I have no clue who she is but in my dream I knew her?
    Any help would be awesome as I can’t find any similar dreams on the web :(

    • Aimee June 28, 2014 at 4:49 pm - Reply

      I too dreamt I turned into a dragon… But it was more of the midevil kind of dragon. I remember it being very painful which was weird since I never feel in my dreams.

  23. JM December 10, 2012 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    I had 2 dreams of dragons. The dragon in the second dream saw me and gave me a gift. It was a bright flash then he left. After that I had the power to help people from the dragon. It was weird though. When the dragon came we would all hide because he would search for us. There is this house that has been in a lot of my dreams. Never seen it before, its just always in my dreams. Big with many rooms and you can get lost in it. Always near water too. Kinda falling apart Just thought I would share.

  24. Julien December 31, 2012 at 8:44 am - Reply

    i haven’t had a dragon dream before but in this one it was in medevil times and i was in a tavern then when i left the tavern there was a modern road out side and people were fighting zombies so i helped the people and then when we defeated the zombies a gigantic golden chinese dragon appear above us and it look down at me then landed then from out of no where i was in a full suit of armour with a sheild and sword then i fought it. dont remember how it ends but any insight would be nice

  25. Jason January 1, 2013 at 7:26 pm - Reply

    I just found this site while looking for meaning to a dream-eating snake dream that I had last night, but they say everything happens for a reason …. This is a little long, and I hope none of this offends anyone here.
    A few years ago I filled up about 3 pages of text with a very real experience I had that I felt lasted for years, but really occurred during a single night’s rest of a little less than 6 hours.
    I was summoned to another world far from here along with a molten lava man, and a lion woman .. but I was just some guy. That world was on the brink of destruction and the spirit of that planet had summoned us as a final chance to protect itself from a 2-headed dragon that had destroyed all of the other dragons[and natural wild animals and plant life] that lived there and their once booming civilization. This 2 headed dragon had used a dirty magic of some type to create puppet/slave golums from dirt and the bones of deceased dragons.
    During my first mission into some swamps, I ran across a tree shaped like a classic dragon taking flight, it was so breathtakingly beautiful I just stopped and stared at it before realizing I had passed out. The dragon-tree spoke to me while passed out and entrusted me with the spirit/energy of his unborn hatchlings, he said they needed to experience life as the weakest of creatures before they were born .. and they would be born when I was ready.
    After months in that place[and years in another place], I was sent to fight the 2 headed dragon inside of its massive cavern while the molten lava man and the lion woman were forced to fight off an army of the puppet/slave creatures .. an army that spanned for miles standing shoulder to shoulder.
    I beat the 2 headed dragon by sheathing my sword and allowing one of the heads to consume me, after that I released the hatchlings energies into the belly of the 2 headed dragon and I found I could transport myself to help my teammates. After I left, the hatchlings … well .. hatched … and ate their way out of the 2 headed beast, killing the monster and allowing the dragon population to sort of be reborn.
    Working with my teammates, we slaughtered all of the unnatural armies of the 2 headed dragon, and I was later sent back here .. where I woke up and was so sore and exhausted from the vivid experience, not to mention feeling aged from it.
    I’m sorry it’s so long, but this has been cut down tons and I’m really curious about what it could all mean and I hope none of what I wrote offends anyone in any way. :) Comments and suggestions are welcome!

  26. Roman January 2, 2013 at 10:48 am - Reply

    Few days ago, I had a dream that truly shook me. Before explaining about dream, will comment that very rarely do I remember a dream. This is not to say that I don´t do it at all, since is said we all dream every day. Perhaps once every month, or even less frequent, remember a dream I had.

    2012 was a really good year for me, and seems like I am finally on track after some years of not knowing which direction to take. Those were hard times and learned a lot, but now everything seems to be guided to success.

    Last weekend, just before year ended, had a dream which involved three different situations.

    In the first, I was in a car when suddenly stopped and looked up in the sky, as some very bright light appeared. At first it was like some fireball, but after a few seconds, took shape. It was a huge winged dragon coming down fast. It was flying so very fast and it just came down to pass by my side and spit some fire on the ground, as to catch my attention. I was never scared in dream, instead was enjoying the moment. Just as fast as the dragon came down it went up again and disappeared in clouds. In the second scene of the dream I was standing on a window at night and saw some lights moving on the sky, similar to stars, but moving gently. As they came closer, could appreciate they were no stars, but like small, tiny flowers on a tree…and the tree was floating, changing its location. The movement was so fluid and soft. It was a truly peaceful moment.
    In the third part of the dream I was standing at some room, when suddenly felt the floor moving, due to an earthquake. Not so hard, not destructive, just the floor moving under my feet with a quick trepidant movement. Again I was no scared, just waiting for the quake to finish.

    I woke up in the morning with a strange feeling, knowing this was no ordinary dream. Felt good but with some thriving energy in me.

    Can anyone give me an opinion about this dreams?

    Thanks in advance and Happy New 2013!

  27. fronde January 11, 2013 at 4:36 am - Reply

    The dream goes …In a marquee with my dad and other men, looking like bikers? Korean woman with a bag full of knickers sits next to me and says… So you know about dragon men now?! …

    I had no idea 2012 was the year of the dragon till i researched it, felt auspicious as the night before dreamt about being in a locked room with a man who was biting chunks of flesh from the top of my spine… Im thinking its a general red light in the area of relationships from 2012 at the moment!!

    Wondering about wether clues lie inside these dreams of how to begin the big heal!!

  28. Natsu January 15, 2013 at 2:20 am - Reply

    I’ve never had a dream about a dragon before in my life until just about 30 minutes ago. However, after spending time researching, I’ve yet to find the answers to what they mean. It was too vivid.
    The dragon in this dream wasn’t serpent-like or anything big; it was a tiny little dragon, almost like an insect. It was a blue-greyish little dragon that did not fly but rather bounced around. For some reason, I immediately identified it as a small dragon, and the image of it floating in the air with its wings outstretched constantly flashed before my eyes each time I thought of it in the dream. Moreso, I identified this meeting as a very very rare meeting and wished to capture the dragon, and take a picture of it to indicate that I met with it.
    I would begin to chase this dragon around my house; at first with just my hands, and this small moment in my dream I cannot seem to remember but I failed terribly. It was then I decided to capture it with a plastic container; when I did successfully, there was a adverse effect. The dragon would suddenly stop moving inside the small container, and a vicious-feeling aura would fill the container up so much that the top needed to be pressed down by my hand, but the minute the aura seeped out, it burned my hand, and I had to let go, thereby releasing the dragon. It gave off such an evil, human face when it was inside the container, and then it returned to that image I had before when it was released. After a bit, it began to bounce around again.
    I decided along with my mother to kill it. I took a slipper and I hit it. The dragon was dead. However, I decided to put it back into the container I used before, so I can take a picture of it but the vicious aura came back in the form of the dragon looking like a small voodoo doll with bleeding eyes.. and the container broke open again, and the dragon once again floated with its little wings outstretched. I was scared again. I had decided that I cannot capture it nor kill it; it was immortal.
    I eventually captured it one more time with a larger plastic container, and in a flash I winded up in a car with it. I released it outside while I was driving before the aura returned again, and I woke up.

    I can’t even begin to wonder what the dream was all about. But it was so vivid that I couldn’t possibly forget.

  29. Samantha January 17, 2013 at 3:57 pm - Reply

    Last night I remember seeing a dragon in it. I remember seeing it hover above me. The dragon’s shape was how I like to usually picture dragons. I know most people like to envision dragons walking upright on two legs or try to picture them as serpent like, but I usually picture dragons as large and walking on all fours. That’s how this dragon looked….I didn’t see what color the dragon was. I wasn’t afraid at all by it nor did I do anything to interact with it. I just remember staring up at it.

    Do you know what this could possibly mean?

  30. Keren January 22, 2013 at 5:08 pm - Reply

    Wow, So much wonderful sharing happening here! Thank you for your facilitation, articles and encouragement. Two nights ago I dreamt of two red lizards/ dragons about 8′ long, I was fixed within their gaze as they approached me intently. Something suddenly fluttered about on the lizard in the rear, like a rainbow breathing from his scales. I recognized it was a variation denoting differentiated sexes for the lizards, one being female the other male. The forward and more agressive female lizard also took notice of the show and diverted her attention from me.

  31. Heather January 26, 2013 at 5:48 am - Reply

    I dreamed of watching three dragons flying overhead in an arena. There were very steep steps to get up to see the dragons closely but once I started to climb them they didn’t seem that steep. I was trying to decide where to sit to view the dragons and there were some seats in the sun and others in the shade. I thought I would prefer to sit in the shade to see the dragons better. I felt amazed and inspired to see the dragons, and excited.

  32. Liorah January 27, 2013 at 9:40 am - Reply

    Yes,I was born in the year of the dragon, though I do not know if that has anything to do with this.

    My dream was quite simple and quite brief. I turned to find a brilliantly beautiful, Chinese type dragon. It was massive, taking up every inch of my visual space, as if we were in an enclosed area or if I were on top of it or riding it. It was much bigger than I and I could not see it in its entirety. At first, it seemed as if it were a statue, carved out of solid gold, with tiny flecks of red, throughout. Then, its head raised, slightly, as to acknowledge me, and it opened its mouth, as to speak, though I heard nothing. I was not afraid at all, but felt there was great significance in his appearance to me. I knew I was dreaming and felt I needed to wake up so that I could remember.

    I have never dreamed of a dragon before and am unsure of its meaning, though, i do feel it is meant for me to find out.

  33. Cassidy January 27, 2013 at 10:05 am - Reply

    Okay so I had a very strange dream a few nights ago. Here it is. I was in a cave and as I walked around it I heard strange noises. Then all of a sudden I find myself running and as I’m running I realize I’m going in a circle so I stop and choose a right turn at this strange shrine looking place and I see a light and I run toward it and all of a sudden I see my mom fighting someone who looks as if she’s been dead for a very long time she’s rotting and I find it very disgusting and so I hear my mom say run!!!!!! And so I take a left turn and I’m back inside the cave and I run into this room and I’m accompanied by a strange guy he’s Australian and so I run into this room looking place and he says run so I go into this play pen looking place and all of a sudden a whole bunch of dogs rush in and he says get up there and points to the fence so I get on it belly first but I don’t feel any pain and I look back behind me and I see the shadow of a dragon fighting a human and all of a sudden I hear a blood curdling scream and I think oh sick :o meanwhile the dogs are all nipping at my feet then all of a sudden my dream flashes forward and I’m sitting down surrounded by dogs of all shapes and sizes and then once again my dream flashes forward and I’m climbing a huge mountain along with a few dogs and eventually I get to this clearing and there’s this huge dragon that has all kinds of colors and is two headed and I think holy fish buns that dragon is huge and has two heads there’s no way im gonna be able to beat it then for some unknown reason I rush in and start fighting it any way and there’s this wierd cat that I’ve never seen before on the side lines in a little bit indention in the mountain and its keeping scores of how many hits we each give and receive and all of a sudden this thing ( sorry I don’t know how to describe it it has a flat nose though :) ) drops out of the sky squirting milk out of its nose and I’m thinking what the fudge?!?! And a splash of milk hits the dragon and it dies with relatively no sound minus the wierd sizzling sound bacon makes when it’s cooking then I wake up.

    Does any one have any idea what this means?? I have never had any kind of dream like this. Any help at all would be good. Ps thank you in advance ;)

  34. Sarah February 2, 2013 at 10:15 am - Reply

    My dragon dream was a little different than most. The part I can remember starts me off in a wooded area at night. There was a full moon out and I could only see the brightest stars. I remember vividly the leaves were large, glossy and purple. At first I was confused, then I realized something scary was about to happen, so I jumped up and actually became a dragon. I flew up into the trees, and again vividly remember looking at the leaves and inspecting the insides of the flowers blooming on the tree. Once I broke the canopy, I breathed fire into the sky above and onto the forest below. I was sad to burn the forest, but knew I had to delay whatever bad thing was going to happen. I flew away became aware that to everything else, I appeared as a dragon, but I still only saw myself as human. It became day as I flew and the ominous feeling was replaced with curiosity. I flew down into a futuristic city with flying cars and weaved in and out of the lanes. Everyone was in awe of me but no one wrecked or stopped to ogle. I saw a couple of construction workers on the ground below and landed to talk with them. My dream ends with us having polite conversation about the roadway above.

    I’ve read about seeing, slaying, and riding dragons, but I can’t find anything about actually being and acting as one. Any insight about this? It was one of the best dreams I can remember having.

  35. Abu Walid Mohamed February 2, 2013 at 5:44 pm - Reply

    First i must say is that i’m an insomniac who rarely ever dreams. When i do dream IT IS SYMBOLIC and has a reference to my life. Today’s dream was really weird.
    Walking on a concrete deck i saw a beautiful green baby dragon up against a building almost begging for attention. It was quite large, 40ft or so. My reaction was “this is weird”. As i walked past, dragon out of view, against the building side was a baby blue toy cow and pink pony. I turned and walked up a stairs through an obstacle course of colorful toy fruits. They were all neatly arranged, oversize toys. I’m thinking in the dream that the baby dragon was leaving its toys as an offering of sorts to entice me.
    I was never scared in the dream and the baby dragon was docile.

    Any insights? I figure the colors are important.

  36. Michelle February 16, 2013 at 9:01 am - Reply

    My dragon dream was preceded by a dream of the meteor that crashed in Russia. I think I must have dreamed about it as it took place. I woke that morning and saw the headlines. In my dream I didn’t know where it was only that it was in a place not close to where I lived. Although I was there and saw it take place. I saw the buildings being hit and I started flying because I felt the shock wave of it underneath me.

    After this is when I dreamed about a white dragon. I was looking up at the sky and noticed that the clouds were swirling very quickly and the black clouds were warring with the white ones. They became very active and it looked like a spiritual warfare, with weapons and animal figures they would form to battle.

    I then noticed that the energy felt like it was coming toward us and felt we were about to be struck by lightening. As I felt this the white cloud formed into a dragon head and it came toward us. I then became aware that there were 3 of us and we were then sitting in a car for protection. I wasn’t really afraid, just aware. I was in the drivers seat and another individual was in the passenger seat, whom I don’t recall who that felt like. My daughter who is now 19 was sitting in the back seat. The dragon cloud formation came quickly toward us and the head of the dragon was what was visible to me clearly. It was all white. It knocked against the back window where my daughter was sitting. She was facing me at the time and it suddenly entered like a spirit through the window and engulfed or swallowed her head. I could see her head but the dragon became pure white energy and the head of the dragon disappeared. Her hair was blonde and I realized she appeared younger perhaps anywhere from 8 to early teens. Her hair rose up around her face and she became pure light and radiated this light all around her head. The dragon was just the light at this point and transparent so I could see her. Her head was white with blue sparks. The dragon then pulled back and became the dragon shape again and went back to the sky and as it left her, her head hit the window.

    I said to her, “did you feel that”? She just shook her head yes with wide eyes. We were just left feeling astonished and that was the end of the dream.


  37. Jessica February 23, 2013 at 12:06 pm - Reply

    I dreamt that I was in a open-aired castle-mansion with a mob of people that feared me as a young woman who could transform into a dark black/green dragon. They stepped on my wings and persecuted me, trying to prevent my escape. My sister was a young, golden egg that had not yet hatched.

    I kept trying to fly until I finally gained altitude and escaped to the mountains. I had to leave my sister behind but promised to return, as I could communicate with her telepathically. As I flew to the mountains I was trying to learn to breathe fire.

    When I returned to the archaic city I guised myself in my human form in golden dress and the men were enchanted with me and my blonde hair and charming smile, especially since I was a talented dancer.

    What are your interpretations of this dream?

  38. Catherine Heiby March 1, 2013 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    I dreamt last night that i found a baby dragon, which was blue in color. as it grew it became increasingly more difficult to contain it and keep it hidden. finally it grew too large to keep in my room, then my house and finally i became frightened of it and it ran away. i searched far and wide for it, when i discovered my mistake in hidding from it, but i could not find it anywhere on the island i lived on…then i woke up.

  39. jove March 9, 2013 at 12:39 am - Reply

    can i be adragon

  40. jove March 9, 2013 at 12:42 am - Reply

    can i be a dragon

  41. Keith March 9, 2013 at 7:43 am - Reply

    Last night I dreamed I WAS a dragon, European type. My skin was a deep blue color. I was in some kind of a castle and was exploring with someone who was a red dragon. We had found a secret room and in it was some kind of mechanical device that needed to be fixed. The only way we could fix it was to breathe fire on to it. Our flames were not the typical flame thrower type but more like a cutting torch, very focused. My flame was a bluish green, hers was orange.
    As we heated the machine, it started to glow a purplish color.

    Unfortunately I woke up before i could find out what the machine was or did. I’ve tried to find out what it means to be a dragon in a dream but everything I’ve found is about seeing a dragon. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • Keith March 9, 2013 at 7:44 am - Reply

      By the way, today is my birthday, if that adds to anything.

  42. Eruminia March 9, 2013 at 2:18 pm - Reply

    i had a multiple dream, one of them got my attention. i had a dream about a chained dragon. it’s a dark purple dragon and breathing fire. Not really fierce, it looked sad, may be because it’s chained in a gloomy cave. uhm… there’s a girl, she look alike a princess (it’s interpreted as me) that approaching the dragon, firstly, she’s scared, and they became friends eventually. what’s it mean?

  43. Randy Starnes March 18, 2013 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    I have a question more than a comment because I am lost with a dream I had. A Very Large bright green dragon came down on my in a public place. I tried to kill it with a large sword but the sword did not even cut it’s skin. Then I noticed it was smiling so I gave it a hug.
    I must have been feverish but what does it mean. A dragon was not in my mind remotely so there has to be some answer.

  44. Michelle April 5, 2013 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    I finally napped this afternoon and I dreampt I was a servant to some 4 dragons who were rather friendly but aloof, while they spoke to me they took human form but their eyes were where you could see dragon essence. When they went out for the day another dragon came to the region, it was a big black dragon with glowing red eyes, I went to his castle/cave to make his acquaintance so I could introduce him to my masters, I felt fear and there were times the room went black and I could see nothing. I expected to be eaten, and thought how annoyed that my masters would be that they would have to train a new servant. He did not try to eat me he instead wanted to adopt me…??… not sure what’s going on there but I am thinking he represents the physically disabled lable…I’m working hard to avoid that at all costs. :/

    • Christy McDaniel May 26, 2013 at 6:03 am - Reply

      yes asking to go in his mouth to go with him to a dick demention testers that feel like adoption

  45. gavin April 9, 2013 at 7:15 pm - Reply

    I dreamt last night that a tattooed white dragon all over with symbols all over it. It couldnt fly and i tried to help it but it run off like a dog and went back to my antie where it insisted on nibbling her face with his beak im so confused about this dream someone help me :/

  46. Matthew Hogrefe April 14, 2013 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    I’m using an ipod so sorry for crappy grammar. I was a golden western dragon, 5 ft tall at the shoulder. I was more majestic than anything. I went to school, flew there and back, and always ate alone. I can talk to people and have fun with friends. I have similar things every night. every night I am this dragon in a varyation. bigger or smaller, I can change to and from human to dragon and I can control my size. I have no clue why it is like that. it just is. :)

  47. jesus jr. April 15, 2013 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    I had a dream I was in a multi layerd appartment complex .in a party with some friends .when we felt the building shake we steped out to the balcony and people where pointing to the sky and I saw a big blue and white dragon it roared at everyone one on the balcony at first I was very scared for my life them the dragon comunicated with me threw my mind he told me you are chosen come with me so I grabed his claw and he took me to a temple and said he was giving me a power to do good with there where others but I don’t know any of those people …what does this mean ?????? Can you guys help ..

  48. kat May 8, 2013 at 10:07 am - Reply

    I had such a weird dream last night. I went to my living room and then I see a small res and black snake. It looks at me and hisses and has a tail with two ends like its tongue. Iook at it again and it turns into a dragon with scorpion like legs…ohhh I got so scared in my dream I split it in two. And my mom was like no what r u doing ? She actually grabs the disgusting thing so I won’t hurt it.

  49. kat May 8, 2013 at 10:07 am - Reply

    I had such a weird dream last night. I went to my living room and then I see a small res and black snake. It looks at me and hisses and has a tail with two ends like its tongue. Iook at it again and it turns into a dragon with scorpion like legs…ohhh I got so scared in my dream I split it in two. And my mom was like no what r u doing ? She actually grabs the disgusting thing so I won’t hurt it.

  50. Rick May 14, 2013 at 2:47 am - Reply

    I dreamt this last week but cannot recall all of the dream.A friend and I were at the beach,it was a foreign land,seemingly another planet and we sat on the rocks and I muttered something.
    Then we got up and started walking and things rose out of the water,seemed like the dead was coming to life but I had not yet known what they were.
    We got to a strip of large rocks jutting out into the sea.I stood there and I found myself in a general’s uniform and we were at war.
    And up above were two majestic dark grey dragons flying about,just in the large area over me.One of them was talking to me..in my head.He spoke a beautiful well accented english accent and I don’t remember what he was saying but all I was thinking about was how we were meant to kill them.I kept talking to my friend of all the ideas to kill them as we stood on those rocks,looking up to the talking dragons…And the dream ends.It was my first time dreaming of real majestic dragons!

  51. Christy McDaniel May 26, 2013 at 4:44 am - Reply

    I am so stunned there is a website… my dream changed my life i can’t explain it was real and magical. i was in a all white room and there were two dragons very realistic . One Dragon was all white with like color pixy looking partial flowing around it . he had hair material not scales as much. whiskers and his mouth open he kept talking to me through his mind telling me to go in his mouth to a new demention. he seamed happy to see me s if he truly needed me to go . i started to go and i see another dragon floating in circles quietly in the back looking at me.. i start to feel fear and questioned going in the wwhite dragons mouth . then it was like the white dragon tried hypnotizing me sub consencely and i could hear him saying something about my time is needed and it’ll be good.. there’s more but it was magical

  52. Christy McDaniel May 26, 2013 at 4:59 am - Reply

    and there were a few people up on a lounge part of the room more like a open upper layer… idk who they were i tale some but not much and i don’t member st it was about. but i started rushing to get ready or prepared but i didn’t know watt for then the white dragon came down from circling ceiling areas more like a elegent sway through the air real graceful

  53. Christy McDaniel May 26, 2013 at 5:28 am - Reply

    ok so your page is doing very weird things he keeps pulling and scrolling up the page to the upper dragon on the rights head and wouldnt stop

    • Christy McDaniel May 26, 2013 at 6:14 am - Reply

      i meant it kept scrolling up the page** very odd … im super smoked im not the only person with a magical dragon dream. I’ve been looking since 2009 and never seen this site till today and us communicating is needed i can feel it

  54. Christy McDaniel May 26, 2013 at 5:33 am - Reply

    the other dragon at a further distance was red and blue and sparks of green randomly . but the white dragons eyes were huge and pulling me in hypmotising for good ..

  55. Suzanne June 16, 2013 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    It was my first time dreaming of dragons of any sort. In my dream, I was stargazing with some other ladies when the stars aligned themselves in the shape of all the zodiac signs. I didn’t see them all but I knew they were there. The one I saw clearly was the archer, Sagittarius. However located above them all was an image of a dragon. Soooooo much huger than all the other images. It was beautiful, the stars appeared to be glowing so bright. The dragon’s form was as if he was dancing and happy with his tongue out. All made by the stars for me. When I asked the other ladies if they can see what I was looking at, they couldn’t. Then I said that there are times when I can see things clearly that others can’t. I attempted to show them when the stars began to lose shape and returned to their original form as simple stars in the sky.
    Prior to this I have had 2 dreams of owls as well as tsunamis with clear blue water. In all cases fear was never present.

  56. SSM July 2, 2013 at 6:34 am - Reply

    I had a dream of to dragons along my side blue one was on the left and red one was on my right.
    I was running through a rickety stair case consisting of many holes. They were flying parallel to me. One side of the stair case had sun while the other side was a door. I was running towards the door and occasionally jumping off the holes. Suddenly i was going to fall but the dragons swooped in to protect and successfully delivered me to the door. Practically i was protected by their fangs they held me in between their fangs in such a way that it did not hurt at all. Please tell me the meaning of this dream if it has any……. with my regards…….

  57. Shellie July 4, 2013 at 4:34 am - Reply

    I has a dream about a nice dragon. It’s kind of difficult to remember all the details but we had to find the dragon to help turn this wooden boy/man deity back into a real person. The dragon was familiar with this boy because he made it happen once before. The boy/man deity was much respected and he himself was spiritually powerful. After the dragon did what we needed him to do the place started to fall down a hill with both of them inside, I was able to pull the boy/man deity out and together we pulled the dragon out who then flew above us. The dragon did speak to me and I to him. My feelings in the dream were ones of security, peacefulness and high spirituality. Any insight into this dream would be appreciated.

  58. Rachel July 14, 2013 at 7:17 pm - Reply

    Yea, I had one recently. I was with a group of people I knew, and we were traversing a stretch of black shore near a volcanic lake (something like the area around Lake Brosno, as I later discovered when I googled. I have never seen the place before, not even in photos. Except that the sky was yellowish and the ground black with small, jagged rocks and stones.) When I peered into the water (or tried to) it was cloudy, and there was a layer of white curling fog over the water surface, kind of like dry ice but curlier. I don’t know who, but someone was telling me something about how, to tell if a dragon lived in a water body, you had to check for opaque cloudiness in the water. When the dragon died, the water would become clear. And there was something in the middle about indications of a dragon struggling and fighting, but I forgot exactly what that was. I remember wanting to see the dragon, and peering so hard into the water that I felt I might fall in, but someone pulled me away and told me to stop looking, and to move NOW, because the dragon was appearing soon.
    I can’t remember what the dragon looked like, only that it was a glowing yellow, like the sky, and it must’ve been serpentine because it burst out of the lake head first, and the circumference of its head was the length and size of the lake’s. I don’t remember much about what happened, but I do recall it facing me at a point, while I stood on a cliff (or was it the edge of the lake?) looking back at it. Only, I had an observer’s view of the scene. I still recall the height of its head being at least thrice as tall as myself.
    I don’t know, is there any significance in such a dream? I tend to ignore dreams, but this just seems strange.

  59. Andrea July 18, 2013 at 8:08 am - Reply

    I had a dream I gave birth to a grey dragon with human baby feet. I wasnt afraid. The midwife smiled and said encouraging words. I have never dreamed of dragons before. I was afraid it was stillborn. I went to touch its feet to see if it was dreaming and then I woke up

  60. NIHAL BHARDWAJ August 6, 2013 at 2:25 am - Reply

    i have seen a dream where i have caught by a rabies virus and someone said that you have to become or transform into dragon and fight with any one but i cant remeber the the person agaiast i am fightng…. in that dream i was going to become green coloured dragon with fire comng from his mouth …………… it seen i was dragon …

  61. Matt August 12, 2013 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    I recently had a dream with a baby dragon. I can think of nothing else since that time. I know that I am suppose to give some energy to this dream and I am happy to have found this page. The dragon in my dream was a baby and I actually helped him come out of his egg. He was tiny and tried to spit fire but could not yet. He was sort of red speckled. I would appreciate any information, thought, or ideas about this dream. SO much of what I am finding about dragons in dreams or as spirit animals is about an enemy, that may be true, BUT this baby was friendly and I kissed him on his nose.

    • Amy E. Brucker August 12, 2013 at 9:37 pm - Reply

      Hey Matt – if it were my dream (iiwmd) I’d contemplate how “I” have metaphorically kissed the “enemy” and made it my friend, and how in doing so I have helped create new life (e.g. a new relationship). If every article you’re finding talks about how dragons are the enemy then iiwmd I’d see “my” dream as a reflection on what it is like to have compassion for my enemy, whether that is a person, place, thing or a part of myself.

    • veronica August 10, 2014 at 3:01 am - Reply

      Hello everyone. I was dreaming the other night and well what I saw didn’t scare me or anything. Me,my future hubby, and our animals where like living in a white house with green shutters. We were all outside playing around and having fun. Then it started to get dark out so we took our animals inside the house. I went out on the front porch and looked up and saw a dark cloud. In the edge of the cloud it was red. Then the cloud moved. I saw the moon it was red,white,and gold. But there were Chinese dragons in the moon. I said a spell and then passed out in my dream. I woke up it was day light. I could say something my left hand lit up white,gold,and with a hint of red and then it happened. Now a bit of background on me I was born the yr of the dragon and I was born on a wiccan holiday Beltane.so could someone help me with this please. I have been racking m brainstem threw every dream book I had and nothing. Even meditated help please

  62. Marion Hill August 18, 2013 at 12:35 am - Reply

    I dreamed that I was sitting on my sofa stairing out at the night SKU and I saw shooting stars fall in towards earth and I walked outside to have a closer look and it was suddenly daytime and there I saw in the sky an enormous dragon with 6 heads on three necks connected to one body and surrounded by a enormous cloud so I could not see its feet. It was in a frozen statue state, in other words it wasn’t moving ….I wasn’t afraid of it in the dream, I awoke immediately thereafter….what does this mean?

  63. Allen Guerrero August 24, 2013 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    I was somewhere in the desert, then out from the sand this enormous green dragon appeared and began to shoot from its mouth this amazing fireball. I remember feeling frightful and anxious, but I had the ability to create tornadoes with some gestures, many of them, which completely engulfed the dragon and its fire breath. When I woke up, I could here cops outside my window yelling while they were on a foot chase and eventually apprehended the suspect nearby.

  64. Alex September 9, 2013 at 9:14 am - Reply

    I just had this dream last night where I was in a huge house filled with women; models. Being a model myself, this was not very strange. But in the same room where I was, I saw my 4th grade crush with a towel around his waist and he was changing his back toward me. He was also talking to me which felt really awkward because I have never spoken to him as casually as we did in the dream. Then, I turned to the side and one of the models (who was a friend in this dream and have never seen in real life), was sitting on a table with a lot of large pendants with dragons embossed on them. I looked at the pendant she was holding and suddenly, the table overturned. All the pendants were on the floor. Then somehow, 4 of these pendants turned into small dark-green-copperish dragons. They formed a single line in front of me and just stared at me. I was not afraid or anything. Then, I just woke up. Any ideas what this could mean?

  65. Nora N September 12, 2013 at 3:50 am - Reply

    I live in an Eastern country that considers the dragon is an sacred symbol. But I dreamed that I ate an dragon last night and I think it’s really creepy…and I can’t find my case anywhere..

    • Amy September 12, 2013 at 8:09 am - Reply

      Hi Nora,

      If it were my dream, this is a great sign. In dreams, eating is often about transformation and assimilation. If dragons are sacred, then I have assimilated qualities that are sacred. Perhaps there is something going on in my life that is helping me transform in a meaningful way.

      If it feels creepy to eat the dragon then that may be a clue that something creepy in “my” life can be transformed into something sacred.

  66. Keelan September 22, 2013 at 5:19 pm - Reply

    I once had a dream of a dragon which i will never forget, i was in a friends house with people i knew and didn’t know then i was outside of my friends house i was trying to run and hide from the dragon, i eventually had to confront him, he was large and serpent like with menacing eyes, he spoke with a deep and menacing voice, i asked him why he was here he told me that he was hear to ‘destroy the world’.
    I don’t understand what it meant.

    • Amy September 22, 2013 at 5:34 pm - Reply

      Hi Keelan. If it were my dream, the dragon wanted to help me figuratively destroy an aspect of “my” life so I could recreate something that worked better for me.

  67. Mariah October 6, 2013 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    In my dream, the sun was just setting, and the moon was bright and shining and full. i had a baby dragon in my hands, i was holding it close to my heart, it felt like a bird, so very fragile. i can still feel the was it moved and breathed. i went and sat at the edge of the lake with my feet hanging over the edge. i looked into the lake, in the light of the moon, i could see the bigger version, maybe the mother, swimmimg in the depths, with sharks and whales and snakes and eels. i let the baby dragon go, it fluttered away, but another one flew down from the tree i was sitting next to, and into my hands. i felt safe and secure with the baby, but when i looked into the lake, i felt hope and fear at the same time.

  68. Elisabeth October 7, 2013 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    Last night i dreamed that i was in a huge cave, everything was dark, hues of black and red. I was holding a newborn baby, but this child did not belong to me, i dont know whos child she was, but she wasnt mine.(i have 2 children, & do not desire to have anymore) I was sitting in a wooden rocking chair & the baby began to cry, i knew she was starving, so i began to breastfeed her.??? Then i stood up and began to run w/the baby through these huge cave corridors, & when i looked back there was a huge, scaley, mostly black with some reddish features, dragon running after me. I was holding this baby infront of me & still breastfeeding her while running for our lives. Iv never before dreamed of a dragon. And the dream kinda disturbed me. Im sure there is a deeper meaning, a lot is going on in my life right now, im just not sure what it was representing in my waking life. Thanku for time, & any thoughts u may have would be appreciated.

  69. mysha October 19, 2013 at 4:21 pm - Reply

    Hey so I had this dream like last night. I couldnt remember the starting of my dream but I sure can remember the ending.I was swimming in the lake with some of my friends.I was standing at the not so deep part of the lake then suddenly this dragon, it was black with red umm fins? Yea.It was chasing after me then it bit my wrist and brought me underwater. I was drowning.It felt so real.I kicked it to let me go but it just pulled me harder then I bite it and then it let me go but it got me again and this time it put me inside its mouth and swallowed me.Out of nowhere I had a gun in my hand so I shoot it from inside its stomach and I was free.So what does this means?

  70. Wandering dreamer November 7, 2013 at 5:17 pm - Reply

    This dream i had, was different, it involves a dream i had many months ago, and a dream i had yesterday. In the previous dream, i managed to get hold onto something that could grant me 3 wishes. When i wanted to make my wish, a huge dragon appeared before me, i cant remember the other two wishes but one wish i do remember is that i wanted the dragon to be my “husband”, it was surprised and said that it wouldnt be a very good one since it and i lived in two separate planes, but it agreed willingly, and sealed it with a kiss that can only be recieved once.

    The next dream i saw it appeared out in the sky, it told me of how we met in a previous dream, in this dream i had also recieved another 3 wishes, one i had used to call it to me, since it can only be brought to me by a wish. It promised to always love and protect me and even gave 200 mighty guard beasts to make sure i was always safe. Before it had to leave we flew across the skies for a brief moment and i remembered asking it a question but i dont remember what, its answer was pretty muffled, i was already starting to wake up. Thats all i dreamt about.

    Id like to know what you guys think of it, i was apprehensive on posting it here as it felt silly when i started typing it haha.

  71. vance December 10, 2013 at 12:43 am - Reply

    I had a dream recently about being in a multi story apartment complex. It started in a room I found a flute made of old metal that was shaped very strangely. I started to play it and felt like I was in a trance while playing, also no-one could hear the flute but I felt it. Once I was done a huge red dragon appears and just stairs ay me I had a feeling of it say “you have enough power to summon me now I will show the world that power” then it started destroying everything around but didn’t touch anywhere near me as if afraid of me. I then shifted to Wal-Mart of all places and started gather supplies to survive after the Dragon got done destroying the world. I picked up a cross bow and helped kill people that freaked out and started killing randomly. I saved a girl from a guy about to shoot her, I then ran to a door and found a lit of old guys going paper work but it looked like the 50s and they just looked at me like nothing was going on. Can anyone help explain this dream?

  72. vance December 10, 2013 at 12:50 am - Reply

    Now to explain a little something, I do believe in supernatural and well I think I might have so.e weird power, I have a state that it very much like meditation but different. When I get into this state I am able to hear very keenly it feels like. When I do this all the animals and insects in the neighborhood suddenly go quite. I have tried it a few times and every time they all go quite the second I feel myself slip into it. When I was playing the flute in my dream this same feeling came over me.

  73. Cecilia Skender Ives December 17, 2013 at 5:17 am - Reply

    I went to bed around 10pm – I lay in the dark, as I looked at my entry into the bedroom I felt a strong presence, I was and wasn’t scared – just uneasy, then as I closed my eyes I saw myself as I am, then I saw my hair grow a little longer, black and flowing – then I transformed into a beautiful green Chinese dragon a lovely lime green, my underbelly was yellow, as I rose into the air, I glowed a golden haze all around me, I was breathing fire but it wasn’t flame of red/orange it was a beautiful purple/indigo flame, they were saying healing and love and transformation, I saw the dragon flying through the sky, but at the same time it was me – I felt so free and happy but that a lot had to be done – I saw it stop mid air and stand like a human and the centre of its chest was a flame but a normal coloured flame – where a heart would be it grew and grew and covered most of its torso – I felt such power and strength and great healing power – but also transformation power – then I opened my eyes ….. explain that to me????

  74. Catrina January 3, 2014 at 8:25 am - Reply

    I awoke this morning from a dream that left me wanting more. I reside in San Diego, CA but in my dream I was somewhere on the East Coast. I know this because I remember looking at a United States map from a trucker and we were seeing the east coast speckled with cold areas and lots of snow. Then next I am on this vast vivid green rolling field of grass with a giant coliseum like domed circular building that was open on the bottom because it was help up by giant pillars. There were many people just casually walking around. A giant gorgeous white dragon appeared in the sky. She was beautiful to watch and so white she almost shimmered a blue white. The way she moved through the sky was graceful and she was after me. I wasn’t afraid of her because I knew I could hide from her fire. She would fly down and I would hide behind the pillar avoiding her fire. I would then run to further pillars so innocent people wouldn’t accidentally get caught up in her flames. I could see the flames engulf all around me and yet I still wasn’t afraid. The colors were so bright and welcoming.

  75. Louise January 9, 2014 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    For the past few months my son dream ls of dragons….he can tell each dream vividly and he wakes up shaking as scared…this happens everyday! It someone can assist in interpreting his dreams that would be greatly appreciated!!!! In the dream there are messanger dragons and recently a guide but this is taking place in what he calls the underworld. He does not watch scary movie or violent video games…please help!

  76. Louise January 9, 2014 at 6:54 pm - Reply

    Also one dragon told him that they were trying to stop him that he was born for greatness

  77. Jacob January 17, 2014 at 11:38 am - Reply

    Ok, I had a dream where I was driving passenger side on a long road, clear blue sky, little to no clouds at all, then as soon as I looked out the window I seen multiple dragons flying in the sky. Next senario of the dream, I was at like a county fair and I didn’t know a single person there but I was still seeing the dragons. I saw a red dragon fly closer to the ground and I got on top of a roof to some sort of building, and the dragon perched itself on the corner of the building, keep in mind no one was seeing a single thing, it was like the dragons and i were completely invisible. Very soon I will post more, gtg

  78. Tiffany January 26, 2014 at 2:14 pm - Reply

    I dreamt I was at a park in a different country with my family of four and I looked up and saw a huge figure flying way up in the sky. It flew behind a mountain and reammerged and landed in the lake. It then swam to shore and everyone was speechless. It was clearly a dragon. It started walking towards us and bowed it’s head and transformed into four seperate people. 2 adults and two children. The largest adult (male) approached us he has something strange about his eyes. He told us not to be alarmed. He explained he was a dragon and that we were as well. He told us we had lost access to transformation through urbanization, we had lost our connection to the earth and it’s natural processes. He also explained that one can only transform if they find their life mate. Their counterpart he called it. This person is part if you and you must find them to transform. As you age and have children they become part of your life (and your dragon increases in size, agility, colour, power). In this way you will become immortal and always be apart of your descendants dragon.

  79. Sarah February 3, 2014 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    i had a dream that i was trapped inside my house with my family it was very hot outside and dangerous because dragons had awoken and are now taking over the world. then there was a sudden feeling of panic because nobody had locked the back door (even though locking a door would really make no difference) i crawled to the back door and when i came there, there was a dragon who was going through the backyards i reached to get the first door shut however the dragon saw me and flew to the porch sticking one very long finger in to stop my from shutting the door all the way and then she began to speak not growling or hissing but speaking she went on about how she was powerful and how there was no point in trying to fight her how i should help her so she said that i needed to write her number down so that when she contacted me i would know it was her then she there was another dragon that appeared and the first dragon removed her finger (claw?) so that i could shut the first door and close it but before i could close it i heard the second dragon ask the first one why she was talking to a person of divination it was then that the first dragon smiled and my dream self had a feeling of why the first dragon had spoken to her and what it might be wanting from her. waking was a weird sensation it was like being pulled through multiple thought bubbles before actually waking up in my bed at one point before waking i thought i was already was awake, but one more pull and i was waking in my bed trying to catch my breath. i’m still not sure what to make of my dream all i know is it was weird

  80. Suzanne February 5, 2014 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    Sad thing is that it was not a nightmare but it terrifies me and saddens me.

    It’s like a desert village like the Native American sights, where the buildings are built into the cliffs themselves.
    Except its in a cave, and only if you look directly up is there an opening
    Where you can see the Stars in the sky.

    I am there with someone I never can remember and suddenly realize that the person is gone.

    And the cave echoes with every breath and step. Suddenly the sand ground before the buildings becomes a pool of clear water and is Luke warm.
    I look up and realize day has come.
    And I hear a thunderous echo of flapping, from behind me a flying school of birds appear flying from behind me going towards the opening in the cave.

    As I whistle one bird on its own flys back an lands in my hand.
    As I was scared is drop her into the water I ran to the nearest sand bay and opened my hand.
    But it’s not a bird any more… It’s size did not change but it’s appearance did, it was a green and yellow finch but when I opened my hands it was a black baby dragon with illuminous orange vein patterns. It was so small.
    I remember very little after this but I remember the dragon falling from being perched on my shoulder.
    Suddenly my shoulder feels bare and I look and see my tiny dragon fall to the ground with no effort to save itself and I was to late too catch it.
    It laid slumped with its back on the floor lifeless with its head turned to the side. I watch this clear liquid poor out from its head.
    I started crying uncontrollably and as I picked up this tiny body of a dragon which was size of bird the buildings carved into the stone.
    It just echoes with its little heart.
    Then it goes quiet as if I lost my ears
    And I despratley cry for help but as I look in my hands I realize it’s gone. Leaving only it’s shadow.
    And I can’t control my tears.
    The room gets icy cold and the pool has frozen over and all there is is darkness which chokes me

  81. Wesley March 23, 2014 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    It was autumn, I was in an open area, there were trees around, and a few cabins around, a lot of people, I know of one friend was there specifically and The girl that I like was there also, all of a sudden the sky turns orange and the clouds turn into a shape of a dragon( cartoonish dragon) it had red eyes, dark purple almost black skin with reddish tinge, the dragon gets to our area and starts to attack, we hide behind a house then run, I start to run like a dog, but only using my arms and my feet were dangling behind me, dragon still spewing fire, it seemed to be closing in on me, there was a rope fence, tried to jump over it my feet got stuck and that’s when I woke up

  82. marli May 24, 2014 at 1:20 pm - Reply

    I want born in the year of the dragon but a few weeks ago i had a dream about dragons . I was wearing these strange clothes , they looked and felt like leather and fur almost like armor . And in my dream i was in a forest and later a snowy mountain side . There we a lot of dragons , some were large and some smaller , they were all different colors . But a few of my friends were there and some people i didn’t recognize . We were all fighting each other , i didn’t feel scary or serious , it felt fun , i was having fun . We each had a dragon fighting with us , mine was very large an bright purple with white patches . It was very clear sometimes i even rode on my dragon and fought from his back , we were winning the fight . And we smiled and laughed talked , tough i don’t remember what he said to me ( he was male ) . And then we flew away and I woke up . Does my dream mean anything in particular ?

  83. Nicole May 31, 2014 at 9:08 pm - Reply

    I had a dream about that i was in a forest and there was mermaids, fairy’s, vampires, werewolf’s and dragons, and i they was all fighting to make me go there side. But eventually the dragons won and i went with a dragon that was red, had two horns, huge wings and only two legs. i think it was a western dragon. I was speaking to the dragon like we was best friends! (it was a male) and really nice! then we went to this place in the forest and there was all different types of dragons! in one big group, It was really peaceful. Then i followed the western dragon to a fountain and told me to step into the water, which i did and then there was a glow and i turned into a dragon? then turned back into a human. But the weird thing was is that when another dragon from the group saw me it snarled at me and tried to attack me. But the western dragon that was nice to me started defending me and was having a fight, then the whole group noticed and started snarling at me. The western dragon told me go run and that he would take care of it, also i made a promise to do what ever it says so i ran then i woke up. I am not born in the year of the dragon, i am born in the year of the rabbit. Any idea whats going on?

  84. lee June 6, 2014 at 1:25 am - Reply

    i was standing inside a room looking through the glass window, and a giant tsunami coming towards the window, as i took a closer look it turned out to be a dragon trying to break the glass window, when it broke through the glass window it was only attacking the mens inside the room and leaving the women unharmed, it never got me, because i figured out how to avoid its attack, the dragon was a really long and had silver scale

  85. marge June 15, 2014 at 8:46 am - Reply

    I had this dream it started when my husband saw that the sky was getting dark he said that it was about to rain then when i looked at the sky i suddenly saw cloud like flying in different directions, then it became more clearer its a shape of flying dragons. Suddenly a big colored green thing passed just in front of me then i tried to rich for it and i felt a leather type of skin, it actually felt so great in my hand. then i woke… after a few minuets i slept again and had another dream people are all gathered then i went to see what’s going on then I saw this two dragon being captured one is a small colored grey and the other is a big green one. I felt sad watching them being captured. then I woke up again and realized its already morning.

  86. Duende June 24, 2014 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    I just had a dream last night were im on a vessel close to autralia and theres this enormous satutes in the middle of the ocean of a dragon and behind it the sun shining on us then a hurracane is aproching to the area , what meaning is it ?

  87. Ru June 27, 2014 at 3:08 am - Reply

    I once had a dream when I was very young and still shared a room with my brother. I was sitting on my bed and all the lights were off except the one over the kitchen sink. I remember noticing I had become a dragon. I was a very eastern style grey dragon with the exception of a small pair of wings. I would look over at the center of the room and there was a dragon sitting on the edge of my brother’s bed. A bright cyan dragon with large wings and it looked more like a western style of dragon. I could tell it was just a random dragon and not one that would represent my brother or anyone I knew. The dragon would smile at me and I would get up off the bed. The dragon would stand next to me and we would both stare at the doorway and ready ourselves for flight. The dragon would tell me something but I couldn’t hear it, yet somehow I knew what it had said. Next thing I new we would take off almost like a race. We would burst out the room then out of the house and we flew upwards into the night sky. It was always a cloudless night with a full moon and all the lights in the town would be off. I had this dream three times and then never again. The last time I had this dream was when I was five. I’m leaving this comment to find out what my dream could have meant and why after all these years I still remember it so vividly even if I haven’t had a dream about it for many years

  88. Tania July 3, 2014 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    In this last few days I’ve dreamt twice of dragons, last night dream started with me and my partner deciding to go for a trip coz we had few days off. We didn’t know where to go exactly and were travelling on a motor bike. Driving around we spotted a beautiful beach area and remembered there was a marine park there and I wanted to stop coz I love snorkling! So we get ready and go to the beach to snorkel! There were big and small fishes everywhere and at one point a turtle that stayed with us to play I took plenty of pix of it! At one point I see something of purple in the sky above the beach and before it looked like a big snake so we got out the water and went hiding under a big tree, than the image become clear and it was a dragon more like the big belly ones! It was so pretty! It moved on the tree and picked some fruits than went to the open see and start fishing! There I know it was nothing to be scared of coz he was a gentle creature! Slowly slowly all the sky got covered by many of them all fishing! I thought it was a stunning view and experience and I woke up!
    Thank you for your time!

  89. Christina July 13, 2014 at 11:55 pm - Reply

    I did not have a dream it was more like a vision. I was awake and had my eyes closed trying to relax my mind from the stress of life. Suddenly I saw a vision of a dragon. It was big, kind of a long body with wings folded on it’s back. The thing that held my attention from loosing the vision was the colors. The dragon had dark skin but like embers in a fire, reds and bright golds danced across its back and wings. It was beautiful. Then the dragon looked at me with almost glowing eyes. I felt as if it was looking right into my soul. I became a little uneasy with it and the dragon looked away and fire erupted from its mouth. I became afraid and opened my eyes and tried to get the images out of my head but I couldn’t. It was so real. I just want to know why I saw this and what it means. Is this trying to tell me something?

  90. katelyn martin July 20, 2014 at 10:52 am - Reply

    I had a very strange dream last night. My mom, her friend and my brother were in the dream and we were moving all these boxes and bins from the garage and inside my house. We placed them all to the side of the house. My mom asked me to find something in this cabinet that we had moved outside and inside the cabinet was this clear bin. I suddenly heard hissing sounds from inside the bin and immediately screamed “Snakes, lizards!” My brother comes running to me excited to see what I had found and right when he gets to the win a red bearded dragon bites his leg and he falls to the ground. I just stood there not knowing what to do, I didn’t run away. My mom and her friend then come beside me and my mom tells her friend, “I don’t even understand why we have these reptiles, I hate reptiles.” Right as she’s saying reptiles she gets bit on the heel by the bearded dragon. She was so nonchalant about being biten and her friend didnt even react but I was freightened even though the dragon would go past me and not bite me. My dream then ended. What could this mean?

  91. jinelyz July 22, 2014 at 10:11 am - Reply

    I had I dream……in that dream I was in a new house in this house me and my boyfriend were alone to of his friends came and he left with them and im in the kitchen washing dishes when I look out the window to my yard and saw somthing in my yard that looked like baby chicks they were beautiful and with a color gray it was like fifteen to twenty so I ran outside cuase I thought they were so cute when I grabed one thats when I noticed that they were baby dragons then I woke up hope someone can tell me something

  92. Shane July 22, 2014 at 1:52 pm - Reply

    Hello my name is Shane and I’m male high school student in South Florida. I had a very vivid dream of a deep earthy brown Dragon with soft, leather like scales. It was sleeping with its head resting on its arms while resting its wings on its back. I wasn’t scared of it, but I calmly walked away after looking at it. It slept calmly with a serene expression and didn’t look frightening or monstrous at all. I would like to know what this means.

  93. summerjade July 30, 2014 at 7:36 pm - Reply

    I guess (as long as no one minds) I’ll post the dream I had the other night. Hopefully someone can help me figure it out.

    It started out that I was talking to Hugh Jackman, who happened to be a vampire, odd, I know. He bit someone standing by us whos blood was actually holy water and it instantly killed him. What was left of his body turned into a HUGE black dragon. So I ran into a somewhat circular building with mostly glass windows, trying to hide from it. It kept ramming its head through the windows looking for me, wanting to kill me. But every time it would come in, it would yell “I want kings!”

    Any ideas?

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