Every week the Dream Team meets to discuss how we can share dream wisdom with the greater community. Two weeks ago we had a bit of a breakthrough. What emerged is a dream exploration process inspired by indigenous ways of knowing and we’re inviting you to join in the conversation.

Here’s what happened:

As Atava and Linda shared mystical tales of whale dreams, I had a bit of dream envy. Naturally, I started reflecting on my own whale dreams, but noted theirs seemed more alluring than mine.

The deeper we explored, though, the more we noticed an emerging pattern. We discussed how whales recently beached themselves in Scotland (or so it seemed), are showing up in droves in New York and are approaching boaters in Mexico. We also discussed whale mythology and how whales are thought to be carriers of ancient knowledge.

The more we talked about whales, the more significant the discussion became. We wondered, is there a global message trying to emerge?

Then we wondered about you, thinking perhaps people in the greater DreamTribe community have had whale dreams or whale experiences as well.

Have you?

We’re all curious to know why there is so much whale activity, in dreams and in waking life.

As a result of all this whale talk, we had an exciting idea: why not focus on whales for awhile? We can talk about whales in dreams, art, ecology, mythology, spirituality, waking-dreams, etc.

So, over the next few weeks we’re going to delve into the murky depths of our collective experience – and by “we” I mean anyone who wants to participate, including you and your friends(!) – and see what transpires.

Anyway, stay tuned because we’re going to do whale-related activities, too, like whale dream incubation and whale art.

Sound like an interesting experiment?

If you’d like to jump in, here’s what we’re inviting you to share below in the comments area:

What dreams and/or waking life experiences have you had with whales as a central theme?

When did you start noticing the theme?

What significance or symbolic meaning do whales have for you and/or your ancestors?