Snakes have big medicine.

Like creativity, intuition and spirituality.

So when snake visits your dreams, what can you do in waking life to support the development of your own snake abilities?

And if you’re not dreaming of snake, how can you consciously work on activating your own snake powers?

The good news is, whether or not you dream of snakes, there is a way to open up to her gifts and messages.

This post is one in a series of posts on snake dreams. You can read more about what your snake dreams mean here.

Flower Essences

flower-essenceThere are many ways to consciously develop our own snake powers and abilities.  One of my favorite ways to work on activating and enhancing the qualities of snake is to use flower essences.

Flower essences are a form of energetic plant medicine developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920’s.  Bach, who was both a physician and homeopath, was on a spiritual quest to discover a natural form of medicine that could heal the root cause of illness.

Bach lived in England during the industrial revolution, and he observed that the illness or disharmony that many people suffered was caused by mental, emotional and spiritual states of imbalance.  Bach was way ahead of his time in understanding significant concepts of health and healing that are now common tenets in mind-body-spirit medicine.

“Flower essences are able, like beautiful music or any glorious uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures and bring us nearer to our souls, and by that very act to bring us peace and relieve our sufferings.”  (Edward Bach)

Bach left his successful homeopathic practice to devote his time to develop what we now call flower essence therapy.  Bach followed his own waking dream and passed all his time wandering around the English countryside communing with flowers.  He also studied and documented their healing properties with the rigor and discipline of a trained scientist.

In his work, Bach developed a repertory of 38 flower essences to address the many ways people can become out of balance.

Flower essences are made by infusing fresh blooming flowers in a bowl of water in sunlight.  This flower/sunlight infusion (like a sun tea) is then diluted down to a homeopathic level.

Nature’s tuning forks

Flower essences are a form of energetic medicine.  Like many forms of energy medicine (including homeopathy, acupuncture, and sound healing) they affect the vibrational field around us, what some call the aura or the  mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Flower essences are nature’s tuning forks.  According to Bach, “they cure, not by attacking disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts away like snow in the sunshine.”

I have been working with flower essences for 17 years now and have witnessed many miracles of healing and transformation with the people that I work with.  Flower essences have also been some of my own most powerful healing allies in my own path of healing and evolution.


In one way or another,like snake medicine, all flower essences help with our own healing process.  But the flower essence I use the most to align people on their healing path is Self Heal.

Self Heal flower essence helps us to attune to what we need to do to heal ourselves, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. This might be the realization that one needs to eat a healthier diet, get more exercise, spend more time in nature, or leave a toxic relationship.

Self Heal also supports us in taking the appropriate steps to take care of ourselves.  I often use Self Heal flower essence with my new clients who are at the beginning of their healing journeys, although it is helpful at any stage of the healing process.

Noni is a newer flower essence to me and comes from Jane Bell’s Hawaiian Flower Essence kit.  In Hawaiian herbal medicine, the fruit of Noni is a panacea for many physical illnesses.

According to Bell, the flower essence of Noni: “Potentizes your will, motivation, and desire to be well. Stimulates awareness and understanding of the underlying causes of disease and disharmony. Brings acceptance of yourself and compassion for your healing journey.”


Iris helps to connect us to the divine source of creative power.  Iris helps us to be creative in all that we do in our daily life and it is also helps us get creatively inspired.

Indian Paintbrush helps to activate and move the creative process.  It is an excellent essence to unblock writer’s block or any creative energy or project that is stagnant and stuck.

Spiritual opening

Lotus flower essence helps to open our crown chakra and our connection to divine energy and guidance. Lotus is helpful for meditation, dreamwork or anytime we want to attune more to spiritual energy.

The essence of Whale (not a flower, but an animal essence) is a powerful ally for these big times.  Carriers of the Akashic records, Whale helps us to open up to guidance and understanding about our personal and collective evolution.   Whale helps us to embody love and connect to big, deep, and timeless wisdom of the ancestors.


Sacred Datura is one of my favorite essences to support our personal transformation and evolution.  It gives support when we are in states of  profound transition.  It aids us when, in our own lives, we are in-between worlds; when something has ended, but the new hasn’t emerged yet.  Sacred Datura shines light in the darkness and give us guidance, support and faith to navigate all kinds of transition.

Banyan Tree is an excellent remedy to help ground us during times of great transformation, expansion and change.  It is very comforting when we feel overwhelmed or “up in the air.”


Star Tulip helps to open and enhance our intuition.  This essence can help be helpful in healing work, meditation, dreamwork and creativity.

Cup of Gold connects us with joy to our own intuition and self guidance.  This essence helps you to joyfully navigate your own life path and purpose.

Shadow Work

Night Blooming Cereus helps us to to face and overcome our fear of shadow, both of our personal shadow and the collective shadow.  This essence helps us to connect to our divine essence, and heps us to understand the beauty and power of both the darkness and the light.

The waking dream:  messages from Gaia and the Great Spirit

Flower essences are medicines of the earth.  When we work with them, they connect us to the healing matrix of nature and of Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Once we are more consciously connected to the energy of Gaia and to nature’s guardians (devas, fairies, and other elemental beings) magic starts to occur in our lives.  Connecting to this magic is part of the healing process of flower essences.

I have observed that when people take flower essences, they start to become more cognizant of the waking dream.  The waking dream is the state of awareness when we start to notice synchronicities and magical occurrences in our lives.  We become awake and conscious of the sacredness of our lives and the world in which we live.

As flower essences help to attune us to the waking dream, we become much more open and receptive to the messages from the natural world, from Mother Earth, from the Ancestors, from the cosmos and the Great Spirit.

Flower Essence Therapy

I hope this article has inspired you to welcome flower essences into your life to assist with your dreamwork, your healing path and spiritual development. Many of these flower essences I talked about can be found at your local herb store or online.

I work with all of these flower essences discussed in this article.  I am available for Flower Essence Consultations in which I create a customized flower essence blend to support your healing intentions.  Please contact me at for more information and to schedule an appointment.  I work in person, by phone or Skype.  Mention the Dream Tribe and receive $20 off.