After reading the inspiring whale dreams people posted last week it occurred to me that we could co-create a cyber altar to invoke a sense of community and purpose. I have no idea if anyone has ever attempted such a thing, so we may be the first!

Whether you dream of whales or not, you are invited to participate. Here’s what we’re doing:

Use the comments section to do the following – you can do one thing, all things, or simply offer a silent prayer.

The theme is the whale, but you can bring to the altar anything that feels right to you.

Use words to invite in whatever is sacred to you (an element, animal, feeling, mood, guide, ancestor…)

Upload an image that represents what you want to contribute to the altar. If you feel moved, say a few words about why you have included it. (Images should be no bigger than 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall. Please only upload images that are from clipart, creative commons or that you own outright.)

Leave a poem or prayer.

You might also create a special altar in your home and upload a photo of it for us to see.

Anything else you can think of.

Then I invite you to read and view what other people have posted and imagine connecting to them through a circle.

May it be so.

We reserve the right to remove content and images that feel inappropriate for this family friendly site.