So what’s happening? Did you have any luck hearing messages from the whales? Post your dream incubation experiences below so we can all learn from your inner wisdom.

If you want people to comment on your dream, include a sentence at the end that says, “If it were your dream what would it mean in relation to the Whale Messages theme?”

If you respond to other people’s dreams please follow these rules:

Imagine the dream is yours.

Speak about it in the first person.

For example, IIWMD (if it were my dream) the whale is telling me to trust the decomposition process.

Question? Simply ask below.

P.S. Your incubated dreams may not have whale related imagery in them. Feel free to post whatever dreams you have, even if they don’t feel related.

P.P.S. Remember, just because you see something in someone else’s dream does not mean it is true for the dreamer. That’s why we always speak about the dreams as though they are our own.