Dreaming of the seasons can carry many layers of meaning and wisdom. It can symbolize the “seasons of life” in the human developmental cycle: Spring for birthing and infancy; Summer for youth; to the maturity of Autumn; and into Winter as a time for the elders and death; then on to rebirth and back again.

Seasons as Guides

Seasons can also reflect the time of day or what actions are needed to take (or not take) depending on the dream’s call.

I had a seasonal dream I titled “The Northern Silence” right before I made the decision to attend John F. Kennedy University for my graduate studies in dream research and counseling psychology.


I dreamed I was going on a hike called the Northern Silence. It was the greatest hike on earth. It was way up north—perhaps Canada or Alaska? —and there was much snow around so everything was still and silent. It was evening, dusk, and I was on a path but felt like I was a man. I was a young man on a journey, camping out in the wilderness. It was wonderful.

The Northern Silence was certainly a ‘big dream’ not only because of the timing –but also the numinous quality– of it. The landscape evoked an intense spiritual presence: It was clearly wintertime and all the trees, earth, Nature were blanketed by snow. In the dream, I was struck by the stillness, the utter silence all around me. It felt sacred, like I was in a holy place.

So what hidden meanings and seasonal wisdom did this dream hold?

Winter in Childhood

I have not experienced the wonder of thick, fresh fallen snow since I was a teenager. In my youth, I lived outside of New York City where winter days like this were not the norm but considered special.  The kind of snowstorm that stops traffic and creates a world so surreal and quiet, it feels otherworldly.

I reveled in these moments as a child because it took me out of my routine of regular activities. I didn’t have to go to school or do homework but rather could appreciate the more natural world around me.

Winter as Potential Growth Unseen

The winter season is also a time for deep, inner reflection. A period for silence, stillness, and hibernation right before rejuvenation and new growth of Spring. This time of life is so necessary for healing and is a beautiful reminder to slow down and stay in the moment.

And to trust in the process

Most of the growth is happening in the earth, unseen. Especially since I live in a place that doesn’t have these extreme winters, the dream is a good indicator to be reminded of this natural cycle of life.

A Winter’s Tale: Releasing Old Wounds

Winter is also a time for letting go of old pains, memories and habits that no longer serve anymore. The “evening” time period in the dream only amplifies this message. This is a time for healing old wounds in order to let in new experiences.

Winter’s Lessons

Looking back, I realized I needed this dream to calm me down so I could open my eyes to new possibilities. Although the decision to go back to school and literally ‘follow my dreams’ did cause some “psychic’ upheaval and stress in my life, it was this place of stillness that kept me going.

The landscape itself was particularly magical, especially since it was dusk, and the purple colors of the sky were reflected on the landscape so brilliantly white, it looked like daytime. Though it was dark (the future) the dream assured me this journey will certainly be illuminated in the near future.

In the dream, I called the hike the Northern Silence, the greatest hike on earth. I am in awe of this name because it is clearly a symbol of my own spiritual journey to be more still and present in my path. I knew this was the greatest hike on earth with fruitful opportunities up ahead and all I needed was to trust in the silence. My inner Self was clearly calling to me.

Have you had a dream about the seasons?

What wisdom did the dream hold for you?

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