Spirituality and Dreams

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9 Ways to Work with Waking Dreams as Intuitive Dream Medicine

Waking dreams are just as important as sleeping dreams when creating a dream practice.

Looking for

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Activate Your Dreams to Connect More Deeply with Spirit Guidance

Many years ago, I was hanging out with active dreamer Robert Moss at Esalen when

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Of tattoos and tribes: Dreaming of Snake

The lore of the snake. What is it about this creature that’s both attractive and

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When are snake dreams actually dream medicine?

There are dreams with snakes in them …

… and then there are Snake Dreams.

These dreams

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Discovering Your Dream Medicine

“It’s time to live your dream.”  Hawaiian elder and kahuna, Mr. Hale Makua

I consider myself

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My Training as a Dream Warrior

A few years ago I realized I’d been unconsciously living out my life according to

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Out of Exile: A Dream Traveler Finds Her Way Home

For many years, I have felt like Richard Dreyfuss’ character in the film Close Encounters of

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When Dreams Become Your Mentor

My interactions with the dream world started as psychic experiences.

As a very small child I

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Answering the Call to be a Big Dreamer

When you realize you’re an intuitive, Big (Shamanic) Dreamer, it’s not uncommon to feel a

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Waking Dreams and Healing

Healing dreams don’t only happen at night. They happen in broad daylight as well.

I call

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Initiation Dreams: Ancestral Communication

Right now, I’m a traveler.

I’ve been on the road for three months visiting Scotland, England,

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Initiation dreams: meeting the keeper of the records

As heroes and heroines across the ages embarked on the archetypal journey of initiation, they

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Dream Travel: How to Ride the Rainbow Bridge

“I look to the sky and see five condors flying overhead.

At first they are shiny

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Animal Initiation Dreams: Meeting the Mo’o

Just before leaving for my first Indigenous Mind residency in Maui, a giant lizard came