Here are some suggestions on how to dream with the plants:

1. Place a bit of the herb under your pillow at night.  If I have some fresh herb, I also like to hold some in my hand as I go to sleep.    If it’s like lemon balm or rosemary, I’ll sniff it during the night.

2. Take a drop dose of the plant tincture before bed.  Drop doses help us to tune into the energetics of the plant.

3. Incubate a dream with your herb of choice.  To incubate a dream, set your intention before bed to dream of this certain herb.  Your intention may be general or specific.  A general intention, for example would be, “I would like to dream about passionflower.”  A more specific intention would be to ask the plant a certain question.  For example, “I would like to ask passionflower to show me in a dream how I can help to heal my anxiety.”

When you incubate a dream, it helps to create a mantra that you say as you fall asleep and that you repeat during the night when you wake up.  Your mantra may be similar to your intention, but stated as an affirmation:  “I will encounter passionflower in my dream tonight.”

For extra support on your dream incubation, you may wish to write down your intention and place it under your pillow.

4. Incubate a dream of your plant ally.  This time, instead of dreaming of a specific plant, you may ask your dreams: “Please show me my plant ally.”  Pay close attention to which plants show up in your dream that night.

5. Incubate a healing dream.  You may be working on a particular self healing project, such as a chronic illness or injury.  In this case, ask you dreams for herbs may be useful in your healing process.  Again, pay close attention to what plants show up in your dreams.

6. Make an offering & creating sacred space:  All of these suggestions can be amplified if you create a sacred space before going to sleep.  You may wish to create an altar and place on it objects that relate to your intention.  Another good idea is to make an offering to the spirit of the plants and the spirits of the dreams.  You may wish to offer a song, a prayer, a pinch of tobacco, some candy (flower fairies love sweets!) or whatever is part of your own spiritual tradition.

7. Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is an herb traditionally associated with dreaming.    Mugwort can help you if you have a hard time remembering your dreams.  Mugwort also enhances the dream state and can bring about powerful, multi-dimensional, Alice-in Wonderland type dreams.  Put a piece of mugwort (fresh or dried) under your pillow at night.  You can also drink some mugwort tea or take a few drops of the tincture before bed.  Try it, it works!