Nature Dreaming: Dreaming for the Earth

It is my contention that we are all nature dreamers. By that I mean each of us, whether we are cognizant of it or not, dreams on behalf of nature. Sometimes the message is clear, sometimes it is shrouded in symbolism and metaphor. Those of us who are more connected with nature during waking are likely more aware that this level of dreaming is going on, but nonetheless, I believe each of us is tapped into nature’s psyche because of the nature (pun intended) of interconnectedness.

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EcoDreaming: How Nature Speaks in our Dreams

When dreamwork is usually discussed, the assumption is that the dream reflects back my issues, my concerns, and my life. After all, it is my dream! But of course dreams reflect so much more. Not only do they reveal our family dynamics, but they also expose socio-economic class, regional affiliations, and the frameworks of our culture-at-large.

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