As the solar system enters 4 weeks of Mercury in retrograde, we thought it would be fun to talk about how Mercury might appear in dreams.

Mercury is the messenger god, after all, and if dreams are about anything, they’re about delivering messages.

Mercury in Astrology

For those not in the know, when the planet Mercury is in retrograde it appears to be moving backward along its orbit. It isn’t, it’s just an illusion, but the impact on your life is definitely real.

In fact, I didn’t believe in the potency of astrology until I discovered Mercury retrograde.

Years ago, I launched a lifework program during Mercury retrograde and my computer died. That happened to me twice and I had to buy a new computer each time.

Come to think of it, The DreamTribe went live during Mercury retrograde and the website’s database crashed and had to be restored.

It’s as though all those dreams about missing planes and not being able to dial the phone actually come to life during this astrological event.

So who and what is Mercury, and how might he / it appear in your dreams?

Let’s find out.

Myth: Messenger God and Psychopomp

Mercury is the Roman messenger god whose name is related to “merx” as in “merchandise” or “commerce.”

During the Roman Republic, the Romans came to associate Mercury with the Greek Hermes and the Celtic Lugos.

You can always spot Mercury because he and Hermes wear “talaria” or winged shoes, as well as a winged “petasos” or a sun hat.

He also carries the caduceus, a staff with two entwined snakes, which was a gift from Apollo to Hermes and appropriated as a symbol by the Romans when they integrated the Greek Hermes into the myth of Mercury.

Both Mercury and Hermes were seen as psychopomps who lead recently departed souls to the afterlife.

Source: Wikipedia, Ancient Civilizations Edited by Greg Woolf

Alchemy & Science

Of course, Mercury isn’t just a mythological figure. It’s also an element on the periodic table and one of the seven main metals of alchemy along with gold, silver, copper, lead, iron and tin.

Alchemical and Planetary symbol for MercuryMercury (Hg), also called “quicksilver” was given its name by the Alchemists. It’s a dense, silvery-white, poisonous metal that is liquid and and evaporates slowly at room temperature.When mixed with other metals, liquid mercury tended to unite with them and form hardened amalgams.These and other properties convinced alchemists that mercury transcended both the solid and liquid states, both earth and heaven, both life and death. For this reason, mercury was revered by alchemists.The metal also symbolized Hermes (Mercury) himself, the guide to the Above and Below.



Health Warnings

If you dream of the element mercury or mercury fillings in teeth, the message may be a health warning.

Mercury and most of its compounds are highly toxic. The pure metal is absorbed easily by inhalation, ingestion or through the skin.

It is also a chronic pollutant and mercury concentrates in animal/fish tissues in increasing amounts up the food chain.


How to Work with Mercury-esque Dreams

The word “mercurial” means volatile, fickle, flighty, erratic and whenever your dreams have that quality, you may be experiencing an encounter with Mercury.

If you dream of communication issues, like not being able to dial a number on the phone, contemplate where in your life you might be having a difficult time formulating thoughts or where you might not be connecting with someone in a way that is helpful.

Communication dreams may be an invitation to make amends after an argument.

Or a suggestion to clarify your intention before proceeding with an action.

Mercury may also appear in your dreams as an initiator, leading you into the underworld or as a messenger who delivers news of health, commerce and positive communication.

What Mercury Inspired Dreams Have you had?

Have you had waking life issues during Mercury in retrograde?

What type of mercury related dreams have you had, like not being able to dial a phone or having a hard time hearing?

Have you dreamed of the metal, perhaps amalgam fillings in teeth?

Share your dreams with us. Let’s explore how this theme comes to life in our sleep and waking lives.


An alternative view and well written article: The Myth of Mercury in Retrograde

Featured image:

Mercury by Evelyn de Morgan  (1850 – 1919)

P.S. There’s a big solar flare happening right now … could add to glitches in communication.