When you dream of snakes, you may be receiving an unusual message you can use to help heal the planet.

I realized this when Dream Triber Amy Brucker recently wrote two posts about snake dreams:

Snake Dreams and Initiation and

5 Ways of Contemplating Snake Dreams

and then invited you to share your snake dreams with us.

While reading through the comments I came across Mike Austin’s beautiful perspective. He said “snakes … provide a deep but fluid connection with Earth, with Gaia. … They remind me that consciousness never stops at the boundaries of my skin. I am because we are.”

Right then it hit me: it’s pretty likely that snake dreams are often Earth dreams that show us our profound connection with everything around us.

After all, one of the most ancient symbols out there is the spiral, a symbol connected with the shape of our galaxy, the curve of our DNA, and the ancient mystery that animates our world. Snakes are often drawn or seen in this shape, curled up next to a rock in the sun or side-winding through sand.

So my mind naturally put all this together and I had an a-ha moment: snakes in dreams are one way that Gaia speaks to us.

She may be speaking of healing, death, rebirth, or an awakening, all of which is happening on our planet right now. Could snake dreams, if viewed through this lens, give us clues for how to navigate this time of accelerating energy and rapid destruction of our environment?

Then I remembered a dream I had recently.

I’m hiking along a ridge in the Bay Area. I notice the thick smog as I look out over the Bay and it depresses me.

Next I see a strip mining operation: men are tearing down the rock into hoodoos. I think the shapes are beautiful, but the cost is too high.

After seeing the hoodoos, I look down and see a skin a snake had shed. Next to it is a red and orange snake in the process of shedding its skin.

The snake is calm, but I am afraid. I also note how vulnerable it seems.

Here is an example of Gaia speaking through snake. I see the erosion of the Bay Area environment, both as the smog clogging the air, and the hoodoos, which are normally formed through natural erosion, but here are being created by men and industry.

Contrasted with this is the image of the snake. One has already shed its skin and another is in the process of shedding. Releasing old ways, old skins, can be scary … my emotions in the dream reflect this. And it is also a vulnerable state, another emotion from the dream.

If I were to guess what Gaia is communicating to us through this dream, I’d say she’s shedding light (pun intended) on the current state of the planet while also showing us that there is another way. We can get rid of our old ways to create something new and beautiful.

I was struck by the colors of the snake as well: red and orange. Red for our root issues, our connections with money, the physical world, ancestry, and survival. Kundalini energy rises from the root chakra; it is said the snake that represents Kundalini energy is coiled here until it awakens.

Orange connects with the second chakra, the seat of our creativity, sexuality, and emotions.

With a blend of these two energies, the snake in this dream shows us how we can move through our current money- and survival-based society into one that is more creative and fluid, one more in balance with the natural world.

In this one dream, Gaia brings a message of healing and transformation. A simple, elegant message communicated through one of her most earthy and sacred animals.

So what about you?

Do you think snake dreams have a connection with the psyche and essence of the planet?

What snake dreams have you had that might be a message from Gaia?