It all began early in 2007 when I had a series of sleeping dreams about condors and eagles, 4 in total. The first dream is especially poignant because it holds a personal message as well as a global call to action. Here’s the dream:

I am a passenger in a car when I notice several condors flying overhead. They are moving to the right, but our road veers to the left. I am excited, but feel disappointed when I can no longer see them.

We park the car and get out. Suddenly, the sky is filled with what I assume are condors. They are flying toward us. I am overjoyed, but as they draw closer and start to perch in trees I realize they are not condors. I think maybe they are thunderbirds because they are so large, but then I realize they are eagles.

The eagles are an iridescent bluish black with white heads. Several feathers drop to the ground and land on the muddy earth.  I walk around collecting them. Many feathers are bent and broken. I find two huge feathers that are in perfect condition and I am elated to have them.

When exploring the possible meaning of the imagery I discovered an archetype and ancient metaphor I knew nothing about prior to having the dream. The most interesting parallel entails the 50 or so eagles resting in the trees. This image is reminiscent of mythology from the Yakut of Turukhansk (Siberia).

The eagle is…considered to be the creator of the first shaman and bears the name of the Supreme Being, or Ai Toyan, the Creator of Light. Ai Toyan’s children are represented as bird-spirits perching in the branches of the World Tree…Sometimes the Supreme Being is represented in the form of an eagle, and in the branches of the Tree are the souls of future shamans. (Shamanism by Mircea Eliade, pg 69).

Perhaps my dream eagles are bird-spirits perched in the World Tree. Or more aptly, dreamers drawn together through communities such as The DreamTribe. Considering the Yakut mythology, the return of my dream eagles to the World Tree may signify a returning or awakening of the Western mind to its indigenous, shamanic roots.

However, there may also be a warning in this imagery. After all, feathers are dropping to the ground and some are broken. The question to ask is: are these feathers gifts? Or are the eagles molting, a natural but traumatic process that happens only once in every eagle’s life?

Or are the broken feathers indicative of the imbalance between the Condor and the Eagle?

The Condor and the Eagle: An Ancient Prophecy for Modern Times

In order to fully appreciate my dream series it is helpful to know the ancient Incan (some say Amazonian) prophecy about the Condor and the Eagle:

Long ago it was said that humankind diverged into two paths. One group walked the way of the condor, following their hearts and intuition, all along retaining a deep connection to the earth. The other group took the path of the eagle, following their rational mind and material reality, turning toward the way of science.

It was also said that for 500 years the people of the eagle would nearly decimate the people of the condor. And indeed, that has happened.

But the prophecy also foretold of a time when the condor and the eagle could choose to fly together again, creating something new and remarkable by merging their two worlds. (Sources are many. Here are two: Alberto Villoldo, John Perkins)

That time is now.

But how will we understand our individual roles in the evolutionary process?

And how will we know if the transformation works?

Quite possibly, our dreams will guide us.

Merging the North and Science (Eagle) with the South and Intuition (Condor)

So I share my dream with you. It may be a call for Westerners to remember our indigenous minds and integrate them into our scientific way of thinking.

Or it may be a call to reconvene as spirit-beings and perch as one in the world tree.

Regardless, this is a sacred time, a time to gather through groups like The DreamTribe and remember who we are and where we come from.

Indeed, there are infinite ways we can perch as spirit-beings in the World Tree and begin to fly with the Condor.  All we have to do is dream it into being.